A quick recap of AI as a Service conference

2021.AI successfully hosted the joint event with Microsoft.


2021.AI invited the most acknowledged business experts to speak out on the role of AI as a Service and the importance of integrating AI technologies with enterprise. Also, speakers from Nordea, Microsoft, and 2021.AI showcased how to leverage AI-driven solutions and reap the benefits of Artificial Intelligence.

Christian Skøtt Maltesen from Nordea presenting at AI as a Service Conference

Christian Skøtt Maltesen from Nordea presenting at the AI as a Service Conference

The keynote speaker, Christian Skøtt Maltesen, the Group Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from Nordea, spoke on AI and Machine Learning use in Nordea and the way Nordea is orchestrating enterprise-wide AI. He told how AI and Machine Learning technology implementation enabled Nordea to provide a better customer experience using advanced chatbots. Christian also noted out how Machine Learning-driven innovations helped the bank improve their customer relation management through filtering data in a more innovative and intuitive way.

2021.AI CEO and Founder, Mikael Munck speaking on AI as a Service

2021.AI CEO and Founder, Mikael Munck delivering the speech on AI as a Service

2021.AI’s CEO and Founder Mikael Munck outlined the importance of  deployment AI solutions for various businesses, in order to improve their market positions and gain AI and data-driven business value. Mikael provided a detailed presentation of why AI would be the next big thing in business, and how important role it plays, being the “new age electricity”, and dramatically transforming the business landscape.  While participating in the panel discussion, 2021.AI’s experts provided vast information on the 2021.AI business models, including AI as a Service.

Jan Cordtz from Microsoft showcased the multiple features offered by Microsoft Azure platform and the enhanced capacity it delivers to the customers. He also touched upon the ability of AI to maximize working time efficiency.

The last speaker of the day, 2021.AI’s Senior Data Scientist Bjorn Preuß, showcased the the capabilities the Grace AI Platform has to offer. He outlined the the major advantages of the Grace AI platform and the solutions alike offered by 2021.AI’s competition.  Bjorn also kept the attention of the attendees focused on the benefits of full-service package, available for both large through medium, and small-sized enterprises. Organizations can build a data science team with advanced AI feature-rich platform, delivering exceptional capabilities for you to capitalizing on the data-driven insights.

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