Getting real value from AI

Real business value is only achieved once models are in production, delivering insights and value to all corners of the organization. Download the brochures below to get more detailed information about how we close the gap between AI ambitions and real value from AI.

The enterprise AI company

Ambitious leaders for the next decade increasingly seek to implement AI to optimize cost- and production, increase revenue and reduce risks. Read more about how we combine our comprehensive AI expertise and Grace AI platform, to support you on the AI journey, turning your data into a valuable asset for your organization.

Grace AI platform

Grace standardizes processes and workflows across such areas as data ingestion, model training, -deployment, -monitoring, -life cycle management, and retraining. Read more about our Grace AI Platform for adding clear and measurable value with AI.

Industry expertise

We assist organizations within a wide range of different sectors and industries. You can download our industry pagers and read about our 8 primary industries including their most relevant use cases, giving you insights into how implementing AI can increase business value in each specific industry.

Grace Standard Models

With Grace Standard Models, you have the foundation for scaling AI across your organization. Our models can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs. Whether that be message routing, fraud prediction, churn prediction, or lead qualification, we have plenty of real client case examples of how models can solve organizational challenges.

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