2021.AI closes funding round and continues impressive growth curve

We are proud that in just two years we have been able to build a compelling AI offering, including all needed services.


In January, an AI technology provider, 2021.AI, closes phase II of the funding round initiated in April 2018. The total of this round is DKK 20.7 million (app. USD 3.2 million) which is a combination of new shares issuing, and a loan from the Danish Growth Fund (Vækstfonden).

2021.AI welcomes a consultancy firm, Valcon, as its new shareholders, who now together with another consultancy firm, QVARTZ, form the extended partnerships with 2021.AI. These extended partnerships have been crucial milestones in 2021.AI’s growth strategy to become a global leader in the AI technology market. The work on these partnerships offers new and existing clients the best of both worlds: a combination of the consultancy firms expertise within AI strategy formulation and practical organizational transformation as well as 2021.AI’s data science and model expertise bundled with AI technology platform Grace.

CEO and Founder, Mikael Munck, explains:

“Partnerships with the best consulting and technology firms globally are crucial for our growth. Specifically, our partnership with Valcon has already led to the first three successful client projects and collaborations.” And continues: “We are proud that in just two years we have been able to build a compelling AI offering, including all needed services delivered by consulting partners like Valcon and QVARTZ, along with technology partners like Microsoft and Google. Packaged with 2021.AI’s AI Technology, Grace Platform, we can offer a true AI differentiator to the clients around the world.”

Grace AI Platform supports and leads organizations all the way on their AI journey – from development and implementation of AI models, offering full lifecycle support. Real business value is only achieved once an organization has its AI models in production, delivering insights and predictions to all corners of the organization.

“We are not going to slow down now, we are looking forward to an ambitious A-round later in 2019,” says Mikael Munck.

About 2021.AI

2021.AI serves the growing need for applied AI. Our data science expertise combined with our Grace AI Platform offers a true AI differentiator for clients around the world. With Grace, Data Scientists can solve some of the most complex problems, and at the same time provide organizations with the most comprehensive data and AI governance for ethical, transparent, and trustworthy model development. 2021.AI is headquartered in Copenhagen with sales and R&D in several locations globally.

Contact 2021.AI

CEO, Mikael Munck
Phone +45 5159 5050

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