Accelerating the response to COVID-19 with Data Science and AI

We want to accelerate collaboration across all communities such as academic institutions, governmental institutions, and companies by opening up access to the Grace AI Platform.


Why this initiative?

We want to accelerate responses to COVID-19 through collaboration and joint contributions. While many researchers and companies are working on individual projects and models, there is a tremendous potential in uniting efforts by sharing results to accelerate and improve findings, and ultimately achieve higher efficiency and better results. Collaboration and joint contributions are so much more powerful.

Collaboration across communities

We have a clear ambition for this project, which is to contribute directly with our assets and resources; the Grace Platform and our data sciences expertise to, directly and indirectly, impact COVID-19 crisis projects, supporting as many as possible with new insights and solutions. Keywords here are cross-disciplinary collaboration and joint contributions making all contributors more powerful and efficient in tackling COVID-19 crisis projects. 

How can you be a part of this initative?


To strengthen collaboration across academic institutions through a common platform for the development of innovative data-driven solutions.


To strengthen in-house data-driven and AI technology support and for co-operation/partnerships with academic and governmental institutions.


The platform offers governmental institutions to join the academic and company-specific projects. The platform also provides complete insight and transparency over the development projects.

What can data science and AI do to tackle COVID-19?

Forecast outbreaks

It’s possible to identify the characteristics of the spread and forecast future trends.

Cluster analysis countries

It’s possible to cluster similar countries based on their outbreak patterns and adequately act on it.

Diagnose Covid-19

Use patient’s data to reveal hidden patterns in COVID-19 which allows for easier diagnosis.

Informative chatbots

Chatbots can alleviate informative healthcare personnel based on historical interactions.

Process health claims

NLP can alleviate healthcare personal by autonomously processing claims.

Drug development

Detect patterns that characterize the challenges to overcome w.r.t. the high attrition rates in drug development and production in the pharma industry.

Grace AI Platform

Grace AI Platform from 2021.AI standardizes processes and workflows across areas such as data ingestion, model training, deployment, model lifecycle functionality, model monitoring, and retraining. Grace is a versatile, flexible, and easy way to deliver real value to all stakeholders, using best-of-breed open source software. Benefits and functionality include:

Functionality and benefits

  • Efficient and productive processes and workflows
  • Full flexibility to freely install libraries and data science tools
  • Vendor independent and infrastructure agnostic
  • Secure and ensuring GDPR and other compliance measures
  • Full data and AI governance for developing ethical, transparent and trustworthy AI

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    Grace standardizes processes and workflows across such areas as data ingestion, model training, -deployment, -monitoring, -life cycle management, and retraining. Grace provides organizations with the most comprehensive AI Governance, including data- and model monitoring, surveillance as well as traceability, explainability, and other AI compliance measurements.

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