An Actionable Framework for Data Ethics

Ensuring Cross-organizational Collaboration on Data Ethics Policies

It is crucial to have a policy for data ethics in place to ensure ethical and responsible data handling processes. Our Data Ethics Compliance Tool makes it easy for your organization to implement the data ethics policy and ensure and document compliance with its principles.


Ensuring cross-organizational collaboration on data ethics policies

The amount of data in organizations grows rapidly when digitizing tasks and implementing new data technologies. If organizations do not strengthen their regulatory competencies for data management correspondingly, the risk of unethical use of data increases significantly.

It is crucial to have a policy for data ethics in place to ensure ethical and responsible data handling processes. Moreover, a statement explaining your data ethics policy will most likely become a future requirement for large corporations worldwide. 2021.AI has made complying with data ethics regulations easy with our Data Ethics Compliance Tool.

Gathering static documentation on ethical data handling processes once a year for reporting purposes is time-consuming and complex, as all relevant data stakeholders must manually document them. The Data Ethics Compliance Tool allows for continuous updates and flexibility for all those involved.

A Tailored Data Ethics Compliance Tool

Implementing and complying with internal policies and future laws or external regulations for data ethics is now easy with our tailored Data Ethics Compliance Tool. Data ethics policies or requirements can be implemented across an organization, making it effortless for data management stakeholders to continuously monitor and pull automated documentation on how the organization complies with established policies.

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Simplifying Internal Data Handling Procedures

The 2021.AI Data Ethics Compliance Tool helps you set up procedures for data handling, especially when it comes to data used for AI and Machine Learning purposes. The tool not only helps with overall compliance measures but also keeps your team engaged with and updated on data ethics policies.

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Integration across an organization

Ensuring that all employees are aware of established data ethics policies is essential. A compliance tool that can easily document and share data usage within your organization simplifies this process. It enables all stakeholders to keep their data handling processes compliant while all the information on data use is stored, kept up to date, and tracked.

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Data Ethics Assessment

The Data Ethics Assessment is a framework for compiling all relevant information regarding data ethics compliance. It consists of a comprehensive set of questions that ensures that the correct information about your data usage is gathered. The questions can be customized to fit a particular data ethics policy and are adaptable to each organization.

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Dashboard and documentation

Once your data ethics policy information has been gathered internally, the tool makes it easy to download the information into a PDF report that you can deliver to the appropriate regulators. Since data is constantly changing and being used differently, internal stakeholders can continuously update their information, and these updates will be reflected and highlighted in a dashboard.

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Global GRC guardrails

The Data Ethics Compliance Tool becomes even more powerful when combined with 2021.AI’s GRACE AI platform and its underlying Governance, Compliance, and Risk (GRC) Engine. Connecting the tool with the GRACE AI platform sets up a system of checks and balances, using digital traces to keep track of submissions and changes

Having a tool that can easily set up, document, and share ethical data handling processes in your organization simplifies policy implementation, ensuring it is always up to date with the latest requirements. As more data policies and AI regulations are introduced, 2021.AI will continue to support organizations in making it easy to stay compliant.

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