Building AI Trust and Risk Management in your organization

How to build trust in AI and manage risk effectively in your organization?

Many organisations are utilizing AI in a production setting without proper governance in place. This is now more widespread than ever, with LLMs like ChatGPT being widely used in daily work in many organizations and businesses.

In this webinar, our Enterprise Account Executive, Liam Sapsford, and Chief Data Scientist, Björn Preuß, were talking about:

  • How to implement AI governance and risk management frameworks that prioritize safety, reliability, and the ethical use of AI in your company
  • Best practices for third-party model governance to ensure trustworthy and accurate results
  • The importance of validating AI to ensure its trustworthiness and ethical use
  • Essential strategies to kickstart your AI governance journey and stay ahead of the curve in the complex world of AI.

Grab your copy of the slides presented and enjoy watching the webinar.


Liam Sapsford

Liam Sapsford


Liam Sapsford is an Enterprise Account Executive at 2021.AI, driving our engagements for governed AI at scale with GRACE. He specialises in AI governance, AI ethics, and machine learning, and is passionate about helping organisations use AI in a safe and sustainable way.

Bjørn Preuß

Bjørn Preuß


Björn is a Senior Data Scientist at 2021.AI and the company’s industry leader in accounting and legal, working closely with financial clients. Bjorn is the business owner of two models at 2021.AI and always brings in client perspectives to the production of our products and services.

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