Navigating the legal and governance risks of generative AI: Expert insights for businesses

Addressing the legal complexities of AI: Can the AI-act tackle generative AI’s challenges?

The emergence of generative AI-solutions like ChatGPT is set to revolutionize our lifestyle and work patterns. However, there are several legal risks and challenges associated with AI-providers and users that need to be addressed. It remains to be seen whether the upcoming AI-act will resolve the issues presented by generative AI. Sona Margaryan Jørgensen, the director and head of IT Law at Lundgrens, discussed these topics.

Strategies for successful LLM model implementation

Maria Mediavilla, a Data Scientist at 2021.AI, shared her thoughts on how to tackle the obstacles associated with utilizing LLM models such as ChatGPT in businesses. She emphasized the importance of monitoring and tracking the use of GPT systematically to ensure compliance with internal policies and regulations.

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