Optimize your supply chain with AI

Does your company work with data? Do you want to optimize your supply chain? Learn more about how AI can help your business become more efficient, smarter, and greener.

In this event, we took a closer look at:

  • Specific logistical challenges that have been solved using AI.
  • How your company can leverage AI to optimize its supply chain.
  • How you can get started with AI in your organization.
  • Practical examples of how AI can improve your supply chain.

This event is relevant for those working in transport, freight, logistics, or supply chain.


Bjørn Olesen

Bjørn Olesen


Bjørn has 15+ years of experience in IT implementations, for a large segment of clients. At 2021.AI, Bjørn focuses on transport and logistics industries, enabling our clients to optimize and improve their operations.

Alan Plaugmann

Alan Plaugmann


Alan Plaugmann is a co-founder at Green Tech Logistics (GTL), a green logistics firm that optimizes supply chains with AI and machine learning for clients throughout the Nordic region.

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