Digitalisation of our society is happening rapidly, and it is crucial that Geomatic along with 2021.AI can offer it’s customers innovative value-added solutions.


Nordic companies looking to implement artificial intelligence can now accelerate their journey with the help from the new partnership between the data and analytics house Geomatic and the experts in AI, 2021.AI. The combination of their own data blended with publicly available register data, statistics and predictive data components will elevate the market and customer analysis capabilities of the corporates and create new insights.

“We are very excited about the data blending opportunities that the partnership with Geomatic enables us to offer our clients, because we have seen how it enhances our machine learning models’ ability to identify key business-driver patterns; which in turn help identify more dimensions in the companies’ client-base and markets,” CEO and Founder of 2021.AI, Mikael Munck explains.

The platform of 2021.AI is focused on making AI operational and that’s expected to be a focal point for corporates in their analytical efforts in the years to come. Earlier this year a Gartner Group survey found that 60% of 3,138 companies are about to implement AI into their business during the next few years. So, naturally, the Managing Director of Geomatic, Jeff Saul, is pleased with the timing:

“Digitalisation of our society is happening rapidly, and it is crucial that Geomatic can offer it’s customers innovative value-added solutions, including being in the forefront of using machine learning tools, enabling them to make the best possible market and customer analysis,” he says.


The team behind the development of the 2021.AI Grace AI Platform is an experienced one. 2021.AI was founded by ex-CTO of Saxo Bank Mikael Munck and ex-head of AI at Amazon, Uber and now Unity, Danny Lange. 2021.AI already cooperates with more than 30 companies in the Nordics and internationally.

“Our mission is to give corporations access to the most advanced AI-tools previously only within reach for a few tech unicorns, who have achieved astonishing results by implementing AI into all aspects of their organisations,” explains Mikael Munck, further elaborating on 2021.AI’s role in implementing actionable artificial intelligence: “Our task is to offer this technology with full service and support in implementation and operationalisation, which has previously been an overwhelming task because of the complexity.”

It is particularly the easy implementation process and the opportunity to rapidly capitalize on your AI investment that is the key rationale for the new partnership:

“With the integration of the overwhelming amount of public data that Geomatic is offering our platform will distance itself even further ahead of competition as customers can get started right away, even if they do not have good enough internal data yet,” explains Mikael Munck.


As many corporates are right now considering how to get started with AI, Geomatic, 2021.AI and Microsoft will provide them with a concrete guide on how to implement it at our joint launch event on September 19th:

“We want to demo to corporates how an AI-setup with the three of us could look like and how easy it will be for them to achieve a solid ROI. Therefore, we will be inviting corporates to this conference, where we explain this to the corporate leaders and decision-makers to demystify AI, which for many corporates seems to be a very complex and expensive thing,” explains Jeff Saul.


Geomatic was founded in 2002 by Martin Glarvig, currently the Chairman of the Board, and has since June 2018 been led by Managing Director, Jeff Saul.


Geomatic is the data and analytics house specialised in data science and master data management solutions; that many leading Nordic companies co-operate with when utilising their own and external publicly available data within their operations. When co-operating with Geomatic the corporates obtain greater confidence in their data analysis processes, higher returns on ROI, higher security and better decision making capabilities.

Geomatic advises on the end-to-end process from data collection, validation, structuring and enrichment; to the analysis, segmentation, and the optimal usage of data within your operations.


2021.AI was founded in 2016 by Mikael Munck and has several heavy tech profiles on their board and Advisory Board, among others Michael Sauer, Danny Lange and Peter Søndergaard, and Henrik von Scheel.


2021.AI is a leading innovative company in the AI space, providing and supporting the enterprise-ready Grace AI Platform, enabling customers to effectively respond to the opportunities and challenges posed by large amounts of data. AI technologies, AI as a Service, practical data science implementations, and business development expertise are the core competencies of the company. 2021.AI’s client base includes more than 30 industry leaders in the banking, insurance, utilities, and other sectors across Europe, the Middle East and the US. Headquartered in Copenhagen, 2021.AI operates globally via 7 development sites and offices with more than 70 employees. R&D centers are located in Europe and in India.

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