Jon Meldgaard Christiansen and Bjørn Olesen named as new CMO and Sales Director at 2021.AI

The Danish Enterprise AI company, 2021.AI, expands its upper management with a new Chief Marketing Officer and Sales Director.


On Sept. 1, 2020, 2021.AI will welcome Jon Meldgaard Christiansen, Chief Marketing Officer, and Bjørn Olesen, Sales Director, to the team.

Jon Meldgaard Christiansen, CMO at 2021.AI

Jon Meldgaard Christiansen, Chief Marketing Officer at 2021.AI

Jon Meldgaard Christiansen offers nearly 15 years of experience and marketing expertise, having worked for companies like Microsoft, EG, and, most recently, as the Marketing and Communications Director at DXC Technology. 

“2021.AI operates at the very forefront to break down the barriers to AI adoption, and does so in a way that directly integrates enterprise compliance, governance, and, most importantly, ethics in the use of AI.  I’m both proud and honored to help our customers and partners unleash the full potential of AI in the enterprise, together with the team at 2021.AI,” said Jon Meldgaard Christiansen, CMO.

Bjørn Olesen, Sales Director at 2021.AI

Bjørn Olesen, Sales Director at 2021.AI

Bjørn Olesen will lead the sales team, offering a more aggressive approach to driving the Grace Enterprise AI Platform and its competencies.

“It’s AI time – for you, me, and 2021.AI. I’m thrilled about the platform and how fast customers will adapt and evolve with new and existing AI solutions. I simply love that Grace takes some of the most complex IT out there and makes it manageable, trustworthy, and simple to understand. I can’t wait!” said Bjørn Olesen.

Bjørn Olesen has worked in sales and management for several different technology companies, from Datacon to ExpandIT to his most recent role as Market Manager at DXC Technology. Under his direction, 2021.AI will focus on commercializing the platform.

Previously, 2021.AI based many of its offerings around consultancy by building individual models. The mission now is to offer its state of the art software and consultancy to aid its various partners within their own consulting journeys.

“2021.AI has spent the last few years developing and fine-tuning the enterprise AI platform, and the regulatory excellence for AI solution, now it is time to focus more on sales and global distribution. These new hires follows the hiring of  Chief Operating Officer, Martin Nørballe, in August of 2020,” said Mikael Munck, CEO.

About 2021.AI:

2021.AI serves the growing need for applied AI. Our data science expertise combined with our Grace Enterprise AI Platform offers a true AI differentiator for clients around the world. With Grace, Data Scientists can solve some of the most complex problems, and at the same time provide organizations with the most comprehensive data and AI governance for ethical, transparent, and trustworthy model development. 2021.AI is headquartered in Copenhagen with sales and R&D in several locations globally.

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