2021.AI will collaborate with Jyske Bank to implement the Grace Enterprise AI platform

2021.AI proudly announces its working relationship with a leader in the Danish financial industry, Jyske Bank. With an ever-growing focus on driving efficiency and growth through innovation, Jyske Bank has engaged 2021.AI to help deliver on upcoming AI projects and to support the growing data science team.


Jyske Bank will use the Grace Platform to lower entry barriers for AI users across all functional and operational roles involved, including technical, IT, project management, and compliance, while still offering efficient workflows for experienced data scientists and engineers. Another deciding factor for choosing the platform was the full support for Governance, Risk & Compliance for AI, providing Jyske Bank flexibility to scale its AI implementation in compliance with external regulations and internal guidelines and policies.

“I’m both excited and proud that Jyske Bank will start their AI journey together with 2021.AI,” says Sales Director in 2021.AI, Bjørn Olesen. He continues: “We see great opportunities for new AI-enabled services that will benefit Jyske Bank and their clients, which we look forward to collaborating on.”

Implementing the Grace Platform also marks the launch of a new project that will enable Jyske Bank to effectively manage and automatically route the growing number of emails received from clients across the many teams in the organization. And while email routing itself shapes up to be a cost-effective use case for AI in Jyske Bank, the organization’s ambitions naturally go beyond this one project.

“AI is an area that holds great possibilities for our business, and we want to build a solid foundation to scale from in the future. The current projects with 2021.AI will help us do this” says Senior Architect, Loan Processes in Jyske Bank, Henning Nørremose Paulsen.

About Jyske Bank:

Jyske Bank is the second-largest Danish bank and provides financial solutions for private customers and companies. SIFI-Bank since 2014 and has +3,300 full-time employees. Jyske Bank has a nationwide network of 98 Danish branches and offers advisory services by telephone and online media. Moreover, several self-service solutions are available to Jyske Bank’s customers. The bank has approximately 170,000 shareholders and equity of DKK 32,6bn (end of Q3 2020).

About 2021.AI:

2021.AI serves the growing enterprise need for full management and oversight of applied AI. Our data science expertise, combined with the Grace Enterprise AI Platform, offers a true AI differentiator for clients and partners worldwide. Grace helps data scientists solve some of the most complex business problems while also providing organizations with the most comprehensive data and AI Governance capability for responsible, transparent, and trustworthy model development. 2021.AI is headquartered in Copenhagen, with employees in 5 locations globally.

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