Lantmännen Unibake looks to enhance sales-force efficiency with AI

Lantmännen Unibake uncovers critical customer insights to help boost sales in the Norwegian market.


2021.AI developed a series of advanced AI models to innovate the food manufacturer, Lantmännen Unibake’s (LMU) current sales strategy. The goal is to improve sales-force efficiency. To ensure implementation within business functions, Valcon participated as a partner.

2021.AI designed and developed the models to accurately predict customer needs and suggest the best products to match a customer profile. The models are used by LMU Norway’s sales-force, with the possibility of expansion based on their success.

“The combination of three AI models enables Lantmännen to accurately predict upcoming sales and predict what customers actually want to buy,”comments Björn Preuß, Lead Data Scientist at 2021.AI.

The project was initiated in December of 2019. Today, the project is in production, offering sales representatives and key account managers at LMU Norway access to state of the art AI predictions and customer recommendations via an app. The aim is for the sales-force to use this information to sell more and increase complementary sales to meet their end client’s specific request for products and substitute products.

“Working with 2021.AI to deploy data-driven sales across Europe is a major step forward in driving a digital transformation through AI/Machine Learning,” says Christian Nakskov, Global Head of Digital, Läntmannen Unibake.

This initiative ensures a smooth and fast transition from LMU’s current use of BI to a sales-force wide implementation of AI across the Norwegian operation. LMU actively moved from a descriptive use of data to now include predictive elements.

Mikael Munck, CEO, and Founder comments: “It’s rewarding to follow new clients on our Grace AI Platform and see the tremendous value from their AI projects. LMU is especially fun to follow, as they scale AI across their business. It is just fantastic to be part of such a tremendous business case for a client taking a leap into the world of AI to optimize sales and profits.”

About the project

The project is run in collaboration with Valcon Consulting and Lantmännen Unibake. 2021.AI offered expertise in AI, more specifically use case and model development, model retraining, and the continued support to run the project on the Grace Enterprise AI Platform.

About Lantmännen Unibake:

Lantmännen Unibake (LMU) is a leading manufacturer with expertise in frozen bakery products for retail and foodservice, serving consumers around the clock and across the world every day. Their aim is to make the bakery profitable for customers through high-quality products and innovative solutions.

About Valcon:

Valcon is the premium operations consulting firm in Europe, striving to be the happiest company in the world. Valcon has Scandinavian roots and an international profile, and creates value in increasingly complex markets in constant change.

About 2021.AI:

2021.AI serves the growing need for applied AI. Our data science expertise combined with our Grace Enterprise AI Platform offers a true AI differentiator for clients around the world. With Grace, Data Scientists can solve some of the most complex problems, and at the same time provide organizations with the most comprehensive data and AI governance for ethical, transparent, and trustworthy model development. 2021.AI is headquartered in Copenhagen with sales and R&D in several locations globally.

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