Manage a multitude of laws and regulations for data and AI

Complying with a growing number of global regulations, laws, and ethical guidelines is crucial for any company looking to implement AI. Grace is the first AI platform to offer comprehensive support in Governance, Risk & Compliance.


Comply with existing and new regulations

With ready-to-apply impact assessments, rules & requirements, and certifications for various regulatory frameworks, Grace makes it easy to build policy-guided workflows and guardrails into your AI development process to ensure adherence with regulations.

New technologies come with new and unexpected risks

Existing governance systems have blindspots that many set-ups do not acknowledge or accomodate. In a changing regulatory environment, Grace can meet your growing GRC needs.

Existing compliance system


Lack transparent information about how models operate


Model results, including whether they are accurate and fair, are not tracked or measured


Producing a compliant Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is not possible


Compliance protection by design principles or guidelines are not available

Tomorrow’s tech GRC system


Full transparency


Solution and risk controls in place, allowing a complete overview of any operational measures of a model


Process and solution to ensure that all relevant stakeholders fill in DPIA and other mandatory assessments


Solution enhancing compliance with data protection at its core

The challenge:

Complying with the fast-growing number of legislations and guidelines for data and AI – not just required in the EU but across the world and rolled out in industry-specific regulations.

Legal requirements

Code of conduct

Ethical principles

The solution:

Establish a process and flexible framework for adhering to new laws & regulations, internal code-of-conducts and more

Impact assessments

Rules & Requirements

Digital trace

How Grace uniquely handles GRC for data, AI, and leading‑edge technologies

Risk Management & Indicators

Clear reporting throughout development and deployment of your models for all stakeholders

Impact Assessments

Grace delivers 50 major impact assessments from the get-go for a quick start to tech governance

Rules & Requirements

Compliance managers can collaborate with data scientists and IT to define, apply and monitor a project’s standard set of requirements.

GRC fuctionalities

Rules & requirements

Run checks to verify whether the GRC standards set have been met

Impact assessments

Build and implement a thorough set of question to record and describe the impact of data and your AI system

Risk Management

Clear reporting throughout development and deployment of your models for all stakeholders

Audit & reporting

Easy internal and external auditing to guarantee guidelines have been followed in the AI development process


Confidently certify that your model follows rules, guidelines and safe model deployment procedures

Ready-to-use GRC solutions available in the Asset Store

In addition to the GRC framework, Grace also offers the Asset Store where you can find ready-to-use solutions for your business needs.

PII Scanner


The Personal Identifiable Information (PII) scanner gives quick insights about PII within a directory or database.

Code reviewer


Get feedback on the quality of the code you have written so you can improve it to make it stable and robust.

Bias Manager


Ensuring data sources do not lead to unknown or unintended biases.

Text anonymization


Model that detects personal information in text and removes it. It is an essential part of a pipeline when using text with PII.

Are you up to speed on new technology regulations?

2021.AI delivers AI platform for the responsible use of disruptive technologies in the public sector

The enterprise AI company proudly participates in the ETAPAS project, delivering an AI platform to support the governed implementation of disruptive technologies in the EU’s public sector.


The EU takes on Trustworthy AI with ALTAI

The AI HLEG presented the final Assessment List for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence. 2021.AI is honored to be on the front lines of ethical innovation in the EU, contributing as one of 50 selected companies engaged in an open workstream to provide best practices for the ALTAI final development.


Facial recognition technology: We must welcome regulations

When it comes to facial technology and its controversies, it is clear that something needs to be done. Applying facial recognition models to identify and track citizens and allowing apps that can recognize anyone ever to post a picture online is unacceptable. But can we keep this technology in check?


Effectively manage GRC for AI

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