Your AI model and technology partner

As a partner, we strive to turn your organization’s data into valuable assets. Whether it be to optimize costs, increase revenue, or to reduce risks, we will combine our knowledge in AI with your business domain expertise to support you on your AI journey and provide your organization with value and insights.

Transform your business with AI

With our comprehensive AI knowledge and Grace AI platform, we have the tools to support you on your AI journey from opportunity mapping to full production, where all the real business value for your organization occurs.

We strongly believe in the power of partnerships

Our partners are leaders within their fields, many with a global reach and expertise within areas like strategy and implementation, to business transformation or IT services. We offer to accelerate and add transformational value across businesses of all sizes.

We will guide you on every step of the journey

Real business value is only achieved once models are in production, our team will help guide you every step of the way to reach your end goal.



In this phase, opportunity mapping will reveal your clients’ AI maturity, opportunities and proper route to the top.



In this phase, you develop a proof of concept (PoC) for utilizing AI in your clients’ organizations.



In this phase, you develop AI model(s) for your clients’ organizations and deploy them in their IT environment.



In this phase, you help your cleints to scale, implementing more models and securing an optimum utilization of AI across your client’s organizations.



You provide your clients’ with continuous monitoring and retraining, ensuring constant performance and value creation.

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