Phrase detection

Detecting critical or forbidden phrases

What is phrase detection?

Important documents and contracts typically need scanning to check for forbidden or critical phrases. The phrase detection model scans a set of textual documents, looking for specific pre-defined phrases in a semantic sense.

3 facts about the model


Phrase detection as a standard model is a fast track to AI model implementation.


The model uses predefined phrases to screen texts.


By using the model, you get a quick scan of your documents’ content to identify forbidden phrases.

Our solution

2021.AI’s phrase detection model uses an unsupervised NLP algorithm to scan documents and detect critical phrases. The mathematical model is trained to process text from the document and detect words, word combinations, and semantics. The model stores which phrases are contained in which documents, and which content of the document is most likely to relate to a phrase.

The business outcome

Using the Grace Standard Model for phrase detection, the customer gets an overview of documents that might contain critical phrases that are missing essential phrases. The company can use this to investigate contracts and documents more efficiently and act in accordance. Furthermore, the company gets insights into what makes the model detect phrases, which can control content and relevancy.

Interested in taking AI into production?

If you think this model would be relevant for your organization go-ahead and book a demo! We would love to help you get started. Otherwise, you can download our Grace Enterprise AI Platform brochure for more information.