Fast Track to AI Implementation

Grace Standard Models are the fast track to your first AI model implementation without sacrificing future flexibility or extensibility for strategic scaling of multiple AI models across your organization.

As Grace Standard models are delivered on Grace AI Platform, clients with growing AI ambitions and interest in extending to more bespoke and advanced AI model development will be well supported while adding more models and modules on the Grace as the requirements grow.


Standard Models have pre-built data pipelines based on specific data structures, the only thing we need from you is your data.


Standard Models comes with the expertise from our multiple model implementation, pre-package to you for easy AI implementation.


Standard Models are easily implemented in your IT infrastructure via the Grace AI Platform, and if requested smoothly integrated with your BI tools such as Qlik, PowerBI or Tableau.

Churn Prevention

This solution will detect whether a customer is likely to churn. This is especially important to know for companies with a subscription model. Furthermore, the churn solution offers insights into the reasons why a customer is likely to churn.

Email Routing

Our email routing model sorts emails automatically. This reduces manual work while reading through a lot of emails. Instead, the email is routed to the desk specialized to answer this email.

Credit Classification

For loan companies, it is essential to know which loan recipient is more creditworthy and who is risky. Our solution predicts how likely a person is to pay interest on the loan. The solution will highlight factors that classify good credit users and risky ones.

Lead Conversion

The model helps to convert leads to customers. The solution predicts how likely a lead is to become a customer. The solution will also highlight impact factors which help the salesperson to convert leads.

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