Ticket sorting

Determining ticket importance

What is ticket sorting?

Many companies still sort tickets manually, using a lot of time on ticket distribution instead of resolving customer issues. With automated ticket sorting, companies decrease response time and increase customer experience, while freeing resources for customer satisfaction.

3 facts about the model


Ticket sorting as a standard model is a fast track to AI model implementation.


The model uses historic data to sort filed tickets into meaningful groups.


The model enables you to reduce the time and effort spent at the service desk.

Our solution

2021.AI offers ticket sorting and classifying tickets into meaningful groups using a supervised algorithm and NLP. The mathematical model is trained to process text from messages and recognize a historically given structure (supervised). The model stores the messages associated with a specific group, and which content of the message is most likely to classify it.

The business outcome

Using the Grace Standard Model for ticket sorting, the company gets an overview of the group that the tickets should be assigned to and can route the tickets to the specific department, desk, or group with less human interaction. Customers experience faster response times and get a better experience. Furthermore, the company accesses the variables that make the model route the tickets.

Interested in taking AI into production?

If you think this model would be relevant for your organization go-ahead and book a demo! We would love to help you get started. Otherwise, you can download our Grace Enterprise AI Platform brochure for more information.