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2021.AI services

Watch our 150-second video on how we can unleash the potential of data science within your organization with our Grace AI Platform.

Grace AI Platform: Product showcase

Grace AI Platform standardizes processes and workflows across such areas as data ingestion, model training, deployment, model lifecycle functionality, model monitoring, and retraining.

Grace helps organizations and their AI teams to benefit from the platform and be efficient and productive, flexible, vendor-independent, and secure.

How can AI increase efficiency by reducing time spent on emails?

In this video, our Data Scientist Ahmed Zewain explains how Natural Language Processing has various useful everyday applications such as email routing, which can improve an organization’s workflow and become more effective.

Peter Soendergaard: Why you need an AI platform

All AI projects can be categorized into three categories: They are either about cost optimization, growing revenue, or addressing risk. For your first project, you must be clear on where your project resides and how rapidly the return on investment comes from that project. In this video, Peter Sondergaard, Executive Advisor and Chairman of the Board at 2021.AI, explains how an AI platform can provide valuable aspects when moving from POC to scale.

Danny Lange: How to lower the barriers of AI

Member of our Board Danny Lange, VP of AI and Machine Learning at Unity Technologies, is giving his insights on the importance of having a platform when starting on your AI journey, what is essential when choosing a platform, and the advantages of the Grace AI platform.

“The largest barrier of entry for companies who want to get into AI is basically skills. One way of giving much more businesses the possibility of moving into AI is to turn it into a platform. It lowers the barrier of entry, and allows a fewer number of engineers to reinvent less and focus more on implementing the AI that is specific to the business.”

35 executives from UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School visiting 2021.AI’s headquarters, Denmark

We had the pleasure of hosting 35 executives from the Entrepreneurship program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The program is one of the leading e-ship programs in the US that works towards developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Denmark. Each spring, they visit Copenhagen to work with Danish startups, and this year, they came the office for a presentation on who we are and ourĀ Grace AI Platform.

2021.AI’s Kyiv Team

Join our team and be part of creating a next-generation AI/ML platform, using the newest technology stack. Check our career page for more information on the latest open positions at 2021.AI.

2021.AI Data Science UA Conference

Data Science UA is a conference on AI, machine learning, and data science in Kyiv, Ukraine. As the representatives of 2021.AI, Benjamin Biering, Head of Data Science, and Mykola Yakovliev, Senior Data Scientist, had a chance to share their experience with the visitors about data science in business, the challenge of forming data science teams and determining the effectiveness of AI projects.