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Your AI Technology Foundation

AI Technology Foundation

A foundation for AI in your organization

With APEX as your AI technology foundation, your Machine Learning and Data Science ambitions can be met. It offers easy development of new products and services within these areas, generating new business value.

Make Your Organization More Competitive with AI

Generate new business value

APEX offers your organization the best platform to compete in the age of advanced technology. APEX offers your organization the edge you need to generate new business value which has been hidden in your data.

Generate new business value

Horizontal in Nature

APEX can be deployed in all domains

APEX can be deployed in all domains

With its horizontal nature, APEX is not limited to any specific business or organizational domain. This, combined with targeted vertical solutions for specific businesses, offers the best of both worlds. For any organization looking for a future proof solution, APEX is the right choice for you.

Limited Investment Needed to Get Started

AI technology has never been this easy and affordable

The APEX Platform and AI as a Service offering is affordable for organizations of all sizes. The low level of internal effort this demands across IT and business teams makes APEX a natural first step towards working with AI.

AI technology

Infrastructure Neutral

Deployed in the cloud or on premise

APEX is offered as a platform solution that can be deployed on a single cloud server or on premise. It can also be scaled to an enterprise wide solution.

Curated Open Source Tools

A state-of-the-art Machine Learning platform

We curate the best open source data science components like Kubernates, Ansible and Terraform. We encapsulate into code, the rare skills needed to establish and maintain the exotic type of big data infrastructure which modern data science requires.

Secure By Design

Designed to operate according to high security requirements

Strong security controls are in place such as encryption and access control. APEX integrates seamlessly with your organization’s identity and access management system. We will also work with you to implement the relevant security and compliance standards of your organization.

Easy to Integrate

APEX easily integrates into existing IT architectures

The open source and open API approach enables APEX to integrate with nearly  every existing IT infrastructure. Our technology neutrality allows APEX to reach out to arbitrary data sources in your organization and then embed Machine Learning capability in your own interfaces.

Deployment, Operations, and Support

We automate and support the entire lifecycle

The 2021.AI Global DevOps team is responsible for deployment, operation, and support of APEX quickly and effectively 24/7, 365 days a year. The 2021.AI APEX DevOps tools are fully automated.

Your Data Science Foundation

Continuously grow Data Science capabilities

Designed to be easy to use for Data Scientists of all skill levels, APEX is the foundation that your Data Science teams will use to develop Machine Learning models. With APEX everyone has access to the same tools and libraries, organization wide.

Maximize Your Work as a Data Scientist

Collaborate with your peers

APEX supports collaboration of work performed by Data Scientists across the organization. APEX enables Data Scientists to share their models with peers to achieve better results. As all models developed in APEX remain in APEX, Data Scientists can reuse models and learn from their peers.

Bridge Data Science Teams and Software Development Teams

Seamlessly integrate tool kits

Supports the collaboration of Data Science team’s and software team’s development environments. Data Scientists can deploy their Machine Learning models in a REST API, that software engineering teams can easily integrate in their applications.

Easy to Use

Choose your preferred user interface

APEX offers data scientists three different options to build and run models. The first version consists of a drag and drop environment which is especially suitable for an entry level Data Scientist. The next step is a notebook that can either be connected to the drag and drop environment or used separately. For the high level users we offer remote workspaces.

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