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By partnering with 2021.AI you will be at the forefront of AI technology and innovation, ready to meet the increasing demand for AI services and solutions.

The 2021.AI Partner Program

Partnering with 2021.AI will unlock the AI potential and value for your organization with the comprehensive yet flexible Grace AI platform. Grace automates and simplifies AI implementations, supporting the full AI life-cycle; develop, operate and integrate AI models into an organizations production and IT environment. This is in accordance with AI Governance, respecting and ensuring compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies, thus warranting that an organization is best-in-class with respect to the responsible use of AI.

Why you should be our partner

  • Build and grow recurring revenue for your business
  • Enhance existing offerings with AI, bring new services to market, and develop new revenue streams
  • Become a trusted advisor within AI adoption, implementation and governance
  • Scale your AI models and solutions through the Grace AI Platform

Contact us


We will discuss joint opportunities and how the partnership supports and grows your business and client relationships


We will formalize the partnership in a contract that outlines how we do business together


You will be enrolled in a tailored onboarding plan

Getting off to a good start in the partnership

Creating a good structure in the initial phase of the partnership is critical to long term success. Through a tailored onboarding plan we will build the foundation to scale together. 



Establish the partnership

  • Partner agreement signed
  • Receive login for 2021.AI’s Partner Portal
  • Start using our marketing- and sales materials

First two months

  • Enroll your team in the Grace partner network
  • Train relevant stakeholders on the Grace AI Platform and models
  • Business planning workshop including joint account planning with 2021.AI
  • Dedicated support around pre-sales activities, incl. demos


  • Access to roadmap, early releases, updates and insights from 2021.AI
  • Joint account planning, co-selling and pre-sales support
  • Co-marketing activities and campaigns

Growth opportunities with AI

Partner with us to expand your existing business with AI and fuel revenue growth. We work with a wide range of partners – explore the opportunities below.


Refer relevant clients to 2021.AI and earn commission on sales


Add AI consulting services to your offerings

Implement AI models

Get access to the Grace Asset Store with pre-built and pre-trained models or use Grace to develop your own bespoke models

Platform sales and implementation

Resell and implement Grace for your clients and deliver expertise, consultancy and advice on developing, deploying, operating, and governing AI

SaaS with AI

Use Grace and models as a basis to scale your software as a service (SaaS) business model


Integrate Grace with existing applications or platforms to add value through extended functionality and insights

Partners we work with

Consulting Companies

This partnership is for consulting firms that wish to add AI to their current range of services and offerings. These partners play an important role in helping clients develop AI strategies, explore AI opportunities, and define processes pre- and post- AI implementation.

Become a Consulting partner to:

Create additional revenue streams by adding AI capabilities to your portfolio of consulting services, including strategies for AI implementation and AI opportunity mapping

Help clients develop and optimize business processes and workflows pre- and post AI implementation

Advise your clients on the regulatory requirements for AI and help them adopt best practice for AI Governance

Reach more clients through joint marketing- and sales activities

Solution Providers

This partnership is for service providers, system integrators and value-added resellers looking to build new- or enhance existing offerings and solutions with AI.

Become a Solution Provider to:

Enhance and extend your solutions with AI

Resell and deploy Grace together with your value-added services

Get full access to our asset gallery, including pre-built standard AI models, pipelines, and rule-sets

Integrate AI with your clients’ existing infrastructure and applications

Advise your clients on the regulatory requirements for AI and help them adopt best practice for AI Governance

Reach more clients through joint marketing- and sales activities

Use Grace as a platform to grow your SaaS business with AI

Technology Companies

This partnership is for organizations that develop, market and sell software. The Technology companies can benefit from integrating Grace with their existing systems to enhance their offerings with AI.

Become a Technology partner to:

Enhance and extend your solutions with AI

Bring new AI-enabled applications to market

Ensure regulatory compliance for your applications or platform

Use Grace as a platform to build your SaaS business

Become a partner