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By combining the best-of-breed open source AI technology with the proprietary Grace Enterprise AI Framework and world class data scientists, we offer AI in production and at scale, full model life cycle management and AI Governance.

cost optimization while using AI


Cost optimization through automation and reduction of waste

revenue growth by using AI


Improve revenue growth by using advanced data analytics combined with AI

use AI to address risks


Use AI to address multiple areas of risks across your organization

Grace AI Platform

Benjamin Biering, Head of Data Science, 2021.AI

Why you need an AI Platform

Peter Søndergaard, Chairman of the Board, 2021.AI

Lower the barrier of entry with an AI platform

Danny Lange, Board member, 2021.AI

Productionizing AI at scale

It is only in production that AI adds clear and measurable value. Only by implementing AI across the enterprise and at scale, will organizations be competitive for the next decade. Grace standardizes processes and workflows across such areas as data ingestion, model training, -deployment, -monitoring, -life cycle management, and retraining. Grace provides organizations with the most comprehensive AI Governance, including data-, and model monitoring, surveillance as well as traceability, explainability, and other AI compliance measurements.


We work for more than 50 clients globally with a strong track record of delivering tangible business results with AI across multiple industries.

“Together with 2021.AI we are creating some of the most advanced and ambitious forecast models for the shipping industry. This collaboration offers new ways of increasing efficiencies running our global fleet. We are leveraging 2021.AI’s expertise in developing advanced forecast models.” 

Peter Schrøder

Chief Digital Officer, Mærsk Tankers

“We went from challenge to implementation and actual cost savings in a very short time span. We received an algorithm that was clean and easy to implement in less than a week. The collaboration with 2021.AI showed us that AI is the key for Spar Nord to remain competitive in the future.”

Leif Lind Simonsen

Communications & Business Dev. Director, SparNord

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It’s not fake, it’s not artificial, it’s real news

COVID-19 and why public datasets are so important

COVID-19 and why public datasets are so important

In the wake of the global spread of coronavirus/COVID-19, it is more important than ever to have access to public data. While we are all trying to tackle the outbreak, data and specifically public data is one of the most important means to fight back with technology...

How to tackle bias in AI

How to tackle bias in AI

AI bias is the phenomenon where a mathematical algorithm expresses the prejudice of its creators or data. As AI is used increasingly across industries, different biases and their subtle consequences are being discovered at an increasing rate. It is important for us to...

Microsoft Azure

Performance is important

That is why we have chosen Azure as our preferred cloud. Grace AI Platform is available for immediate use on the Azure Marketplace.


We strongly believe in the power of partnerships. We are engaging in partnerships with the leading consultants, technology providers and solution integrators globally to AI augment and AI enhance our partners’ offerings and value propositions towards their clients. 

“Strong synergies have already lead to more than ten common clients. Valcon’s consulting services ensuring efficiency and optimized data usage combined with Grace AI Platform and 2021.AI expertise within AI warrants successful AI implementations.” 

Thomas Fischer

CEO, Valcon

“The Grace AI Platform is the perfect match for Dell EMC and our solution going to market with a strong and complete AI offering to our clients focused on extracting value from their large sets of data.”

Philip Vesterskov

Account Executive, Dell EMC

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