Shaping the future with intelligence

Responsibly enhancing human decision-making


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Accelerate and realize your AI success

From identifying the right AI opportunities to data capture and model deployment, we provide a full-service solution that will take your business to the next level.

Establish trust in AI

The GRACE platform will ensure your AI is trusted throught a simple and collaborative assessment process, validation and certification according to regulations and ethical criterias.

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Responsibly enhancing human decision-making

We enable our clients to produce direct results and value with AI-supported decisions while ensuring the responsible use of AI to establish assurance and trust for employees, clients, and shareholders.​

Delivering measurable business value

We work with the most ambitious and forward-looking leaders and organizations to successfully accelerate AI implementations. Explore how our clients have optimized costs, increased revenue, and improved risk management.


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Supporting the green agenda for the global container shipping industry



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Forecasting market prices with 20% more accuracy



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Using AI to cut emails handled by customer service by 50%



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Battling cybercrime with AI to save millions of euros



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Reducing time spent on non-value-adding activities by 80%


Our client base is growing, and we have more than 50 clients on our GRACE platform in the EU, US, Japan, UAE, and Australia.

We are a unique team of world-class data scientists, computer engineers, and IT architects combined with seasoned professional business developers, all passionate about AI and responsible development of the latest technology and the possibility this brings to everyone.


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