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We assist companies around the globe to accelerate their AI adoption by delivering the three key components that any organization needs to implement and operate AI successfully; models, platform, and governance.

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Welcome to 2021.AI

In late 2016, CEO and founder Mikael Munck established 2021.AI based on the vision to ensure a fair distribution of advanced AI technology to any organization globally so that this was not just available and concentrated in the hands of a few tech unicorns. Since then, 2021.AI has served the growing need for assisting and accelerating AI via the three key components that any organization needs to implement and use AI efficiently: models, platform, and governance.

Our proprietary and unique design and architecture in the GRACE AI platform provide what you need to realize your AI ambitions. Especially AI Governance* has since 2019 been a critical focus area for 2021.AI –and the rest of the world– to ensure responsible implementation of AI and related data, adhering to Global regulations, ethical guidelines, and other codes of conduct.

*) In 2021.AI’s definition: Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) for AI

Meet the Senior Management Team

Our team comprises world-class experts in advanced technologies –i.e., AI and Machine Learning– and senior profiles with experience from leading technology companies and entrepreneurial success. Work with us to accelerate, scale, and become fully proficient in AI.

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