Closing the gap between AI ambitions and real value from AI

Real business value is only achieved once models are in production, delivering insights and value to all corners of the organization.

We combine

Best-of-breed open source AI technology

The proprietary Grace Enterprise AI Framework

World class data scientists and AI model development

We offer

Productionizing AI at scale

Support for the full AI model life cycle management

Ethical AI

AI production monitoring and reporting for IT and business

Where it all started

Let’s take a trip back to 2016. CEO and founder Mikael Munck had a vision of delivering the same AI technology as seen in the hands of tech-unicorns, into the hands of people and businesses around the world- regardless of their AI maturity. With help from partners such as Google and Microsoft, as well as board members and shareholders, like VP of Machine Learning at Unity Technologies and former Head of Machine Learning at Uber, Danny Lange, Mikael’s vision became a reality, and a company was born.

What does 2021.AI really mean?

You may be thinking: “What does 2021.AI really mean?” And if you are, we don’t blame you. Finding the perfect name was difficult for us. In the beginning, we wondered how we would find a name for our company that properly reflects the next generation of technology? After quite a few brainstorming sessions, a partner said: “Let’s just name it 2021.AI.” Explaining that in 5 years, everything would change under the influence of AI, and even the name would have to set the bar for what we will need to achieve within that time.”

What happens when the year 2021 comes along? 2021.AI will become 2120.AI and remain competitive for the next century.

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Working with clients globally and across industries

We are bridging AI ambitions with a combination of data science expertise, our Grace AI Platform and enterprise technology experience.

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