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GRACE AI Platform standardizes processes and workflows across such areas as data ingestion, model training, -deployment, -monitoring, -life cycle management, and retraining. GRACE provides organizations with the most comprehensive AI Governance, including data- and model monitoring, surveillance as well as traceability, explainability, and other AI compliance measurements.

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Grace Standard Models
Grace AI Platform


Get to know some of the talented and experienced people working and investing in 2021.AI. Increase your knowledge about us as an organization and what we are working on every day.

Mikael Munck, CEO & Founder

Mikael Munck is the founder and CEO of 2021.AI. He has 25+ years of experience in Technology and Financial sectors. Mikael was the Global Head of Technology and Operations at Saxo Bank. He served as CEO and co-owner at Initto, IT services provider, building and growing this company to more than 200 employees. Mikael is the Chairman of Copenhagen FinTech, investor and board member of several other technology companies (Baffin Bay Networks, VirtuGo, and Provargo).

Mikael Munck, 2021.AI's CEO
Mikael Munck, CEO & Founder, 2021.AI
Mikael Munck presenting 2021.AI at the conference
2021.AI CEO and Founder - Mikael Munck


2021.AI serves the growing business need for full oversight and management of applied AI. The team’s expertise in data science combined with the AI platform GRACE is a business differentiator for clients and partners worldwide. GRACE is a key component for organizations to solve some of the most complex business problems with AI while providing comprehensive data and AI Governance capability for responsible, transparent, and trustworthy model development. 2021.AI is headquartered in Copenhagen, with employees in five locations globally.

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