Container dwell time

Achieve precise import dwell time predictions with an AI model to increase operational efficiency at container terminals


Why manage container dwell time with AI?

An AI model can enable more precise import dwell time predictions, improving terminal performance and decreasing container shuffling, resulting in significant savings. Increasing operational efficiency has the additional benefit of significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

3 facts about the solution

  1. Reduces housekeeping moves at marine container terminals
  2. Increases throughput capacity by predicting container import dwell time before discharge
  3. Results in significant savings and reductions in GHG emissions

Discover the value of managing container dwell time with AI

TEU (per year):

Cost per shuffle (EUR):

With an AI model, you can:

Reduce cost by (EUR)


Our solution

Container dwell time is a standard model that analyzes container discharge data. The model uses AI algorithms to automatically search for patterns in the data to determine the dwell time and proactively stack containers optimally.

The business outcome

Our model is an effective way of optimizing operational efficiency. Through our model, your company can reduce the number of container moves, in turn increasing throughput capacity by predicting container import dwell time before discharge and resulting in significant savings. Furthermore, alongside improved operational efficiency, you will reduce your company’s GHG emissions.

Interested in optimizing container dwell time with AI?

If you think our solution for container dwell time would be relevant for your organization, please connect to book a demo – we would love to help you get started. Alternatively, you can download our GRACE brochure for more information.