Customer churn prediction with AI

Accurately identify customer churn with an AI model to efficiently direct retention efforts, reduce cost, and increase revenue

3 facts about the solution for predicting churn

An AI model that analyzes past customer life cycles can identify at-risk customers to help companies retain customers. Our model for churn not only delivers the probability of customer churn, but the reason for the given prediction, which can help you understand why a customer may discontinue a product or service.


Predicting churn with a ready-to-use AI model is a fast track to valuable AI implementation for your organization.


The model uses customer data to predict the likelihood of a customer discontinuing your product or service.


The solution provides insights on what drives churn, which can help improve the customer experience and lower the churn rate.

Discover the value of predicting churn with AI

Current customer base:

Individual customer worth:

Customers lost last year:

Churn rate (%)


Lost revenue


With an AI model, you can:

Reduce the churn rate by (%)


Retain customers at-risk


Recover otherwise lost revenue


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Models ability to detect churn (%)

Ability to retain customers (%)

Our solution

We offer a variety of standard models which are ready to be fitted to your data. Customer churn prediction is a standard model that analyzes historical data to describe customer behavior and labels their likelihood to discontinue a service or product. The model stores which customer profiles are associated with churn and which descriptive variables are most likely to classify the customers.

The business outcome

Using our standard model for churn prediction offers you an accurate assessment of which clients will likely discontinue your service or product, enabling you to efficiently direct resources into retaining them. Your company also has access to what drives churn, which can help improve the customer experience and lower the churn rate.

Interested in comprehensive churn predictions with AI?

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