Email categorization & routing

Effectively categorize and route incoming emails with less human interaction by using an AI model to analyze and understand the context of the correspondence

3 facts about the solution for categorizing emails

An AI model that detects content can help you handle the inflow and sorting of information, which reduces manual work at your service desk. With the mass number of emails and information received daily, it is often challenging and time-consuming to forward the correct information to the right person. AI-powered email categorization can solve this challenge.


Email categorization with a ready-to-use AI model is a fast track to valuable AI implementation for your organization


The model uses historic data to sort emails into meaningful groups


The solution enables you to reduce manual administrative time and effort significantly

Discover the value of categorizing emails with AI

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Our solution

We offer a variety of standard models which are ready to be fitted to your data. Email categorization is a standard model that classifies emails into meaningful groups using a supervised algorithm and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The model stores the email associated with a specific group and which content is most likely to classify the emails by processing text to recognize a historically given structure.

The business outcome

Using our model for email categorization optimizes the inflow of emails by automating routing to specific departments or groups with less human interaction. Furthermore, you will gain insights into what makes the model route the emails, efficiently controlling content and relevancy (i.e., ham vs. spam emails).

Interested in optimizing email inflow with AI?

If you think our solution for categorizing emails would be relevant for your organization, please connect to book a demo – we would love to help you get started. Alternatively, you can download our GRACE brochure for more information.