Scrap reduction

Maximize your production processes with an AI model that identifies parameters that can be optimized in the manufacturing line


Why reduce scrap with AI?

An AI model can not only identify the key parameters affecting the productivity of your manufacturing lines, it can find the optimal setting at which your production process is most efficient. Our model measures data from your manufacturing lines to accurately identify the ways in which you can maximize your current production processes.

3 facts about the solution

  1. Identifies the most important variables in manufacturing lines
  2. Finds the optimal settings for production
  3. Can factor in changes in variables and show how the other settings can be altered to compensate for them

Discover the value of scrap reduction with AI

Min production rate (%):

Max production rate (%):

Full prodcution capacity (DKK):

With an AI model, you can:

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Our solution

Scrap reduction is a standard model that analyses data from your manufacturing lines to identify the most important factors in production. The model identifies the best settings for the key production parameters, and how they can be altered to account for any alterations.

The business outcome

Our model is a cost-effective means of improving the productivity of you manufacturing lines and increasing profitability. Through our model, your company has access to information on the most important variables in production, their optimal settings, and how they can be adjusted to accommodate any changes to those settings.

Interested in scrap reduction with AI?

If you think our solution for scrap reduction would be relevant for your organization, please connect to book a demo – we would love to help you get started. Alternatively, you can download our GRACE brochure for more information.