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Building trustworthy AI: Why TRiSM is your key to the EU AI Act

Christian Villumsen


As the wave of interest in generative AI sweeps through industries, the rush to adopt AI models and applications often overlooks the inherent risks. These risks come to light, typically, only when it’s too late — when models or applications are already in use. This highlights the essential role of an AI governance framework.

Enter TRiSM: a governance framework designed not just as an afterthought but as a proactive foundation for AI systems. TRiSM ensures compliance, fairness, reliability, and data privacy from the get-go. But how does it align with the EU AI Act, and why does this matter for your organization?

TRiSM is built on four pillars:

  • Explainability/Model Monitoring: Ensuring AI operations are transparent, making models understandable and accountable, fulfilling the EU AI Act’s transparency mandates.
  • ModelOps: Focusing on the continuous improvement and reliability of AI models, aligning with the EU AI Act’s safety requirements.
  • AI Application Security: Protecting data and system integrity, addressing the EU AI Act’s security concerns.
  • Privacy: Prioritizing data protection, in harmony with the EU’s privacy laws.

Why do these pillars matter?

Embedding TRiSM’s principles into your AI strategy can help navigate the complexities of the EU AI Act, ensuring your initiatives are not just compliant but also ethical and privacy-centric.

I’m going to go deeper into each of these pillars and their implications in my upcoming posts and, later, an in-depth article. Follow me to stay updated and join the conversation on how we can use AI’s potential responsibly and ethically.

Christian Villumsen

Christian Villumsen


Christian is a passionate Executive Advisor with 20 years of experience within the Fintech market. He has a proven track record in Fintech, Credit & Market Risk, Compliance, Project, Program, and Portfolio Management. Previously, he worked as a Director at Saxo Bank and spearheaded the Global Enterprise Risk initiative.

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