BetterNow uses AI to make the world more generous

Improving the peer-to-peer fundraising platform to support the clients in increasing the results of fundraising efforts

At the very core of BetterNow is a simple and straightforward mission: To make the world more generous. Enabling anyone to be able to start a fundraiser is the first step to achieve this goal. By changing the way fundraising is perceived, BetterNow helps more of the world’s wealth find its way into charities’ hands. 

The challenge

While many fundraising activities and campaigns are successful as far as reaching the predetermined collection goals, it is also apparent that some campaigns outperform others quite significantly. Since most non-profit organizations rely heavily on donations but have limited resources to run their programs, the individual campaigns must perform as best as possible. BetterNow is determined to help clients increase the efficiency of their respective campaigns. But how does one define a good, or even best practice, for executing various fundraising campaigns? And what variables have the most significant impact on the overall outcome of any given campaign?

“Our experience is that some fundraising campaigns and events raise many more donations than others. With the abundant data we have, we decided to analyze how modern AI techniques can support our clients in increasing the results of the fundraising efforts.”

Jesper Juul Jensen

Jesper Juul Jensen

CEO, BetterNow

The solution

Leveraging historical data collected by BetterNow, 2021.AI developed a series of AI models designed to help increase donations to charities at the individual campaign level. The models incorporate and isolate numerous variables that can be proven to increase fundraising. Findings are transformed into concrete and actionable recommendations, which are showcased directly within the peer-to-peer fundraising platform.

BetterNow & 2021.AI worked together to:

  Improve the fundraising platform with support from AI

 Increase the number of donations to charities

“Examples of the data the AI models have been using include meta-data, the text, which also includes the fundraiser purpose description, the images and portraits used, and the donation targets. Everything was analyzed in order to find patterns in well-performing campaigns. Based on all of this data, and using best practices for AI model development, the recommendation engines were developed.”

Kim Tosti

Kim Tosti

AI Advisor, 2021.AI

The results

2021.AI and BetterNow collaborated to bring recommendations and valuable insights directly to the clients as they are using the fundraising platform. BetterNow estimates that the AI recommendation engine will improve the average performance across all campaigns by approximately 25%. This is by itself a great improvement, but there are other benefits as well:

“A surprising side result of developing the AI models has been a wealth of smaller product enhancements based on the insights gathered from the data analysis. These small improvements will, together with the final recommendation AI model, provide a substantial impact for our customers in terms of new donations.”

Jesper Juul Jensen

Jesper Juul Jensen

CEO, BetterNow

Project highlights

  2021.AI and BetterNow worked together to improve outcomes for fundraisers

  Across all campaigns, the use of AI improves performance by an average of 25%

  The project has also driven multiple incremental improvements in BetterNow’s platform

About BetterNow

BetterNow has over nine years of experience in servicing charities across all of Europe and works with major charity organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, WaterAid, and major health non-profits. With its peer-to-peer fundraising solutions, BetterNow helps charities receive more donations and better contact data by leveraging their brand.

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