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Prometric championing Responsible AI in assessments with long-term partner 2021.AI

Prometric, a leading force in tech-driven testing solutions, has solidified its commitment to Responsible AI by continuing its partnership with 2021.AI, a pioneer in Responsible AI development. This collaboration ensures that Prometric can use the 2021.AI GRACE platform to guarantee that all AI Models are developed and used with a focus on security, robustness, and fairness throughout the entire use and testing process of Prometric exams.

Our entire team is thrilled to be able to build on our existing partnership to build trusted, safe, and unbiased exams. Historically, assessments have considered only a limited amount of diverse and equitable factors due to AI inadvertently programmed with human biases. Our partnership with 2021.AI will help ensure all candidates have an equitable experience, while also providing a safe and secure environment.

Kevin Pawsey, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Prometric

In recent years, 2021.AI’s GRACE AI platform has been instrumental in ensuring that Prometric’s ProProctor remote solutions adhere to Responsible AI practices. One key aspect is to enable Proctors to monitor exam candidates in a fair and responsible manner.

The challenge: To efficiently scale the increase in exams without compromising Prometric’s proctoring performance

With Prometrics’ expanding number of exams executed globally, new measures were required to augment the proctoring and keep the high level of efficiency and fairness. The traditional proctoring systems were overly dependent on human effort, which with the increasing candidates could lead to several inefficiencies, including less efficient use of Prometric resources for monitoring exams and many false-positive candidates with suspicious behavior were picked out.

The solution: AI-powered proctoring enhances efficiency and fairness in exam monitoring

The 2021.AI team collaborated closely with Prometric experts to develop a new AI-powered ProProctor Candidate Monitoring solution and deployed it in the GRACE platform. With this advanced AI solution Proctors are enabled to efficiently monitor more exams simultaneously, assisting them in more efficiently and precisely flagging those candidates with suspicious behavior.

The results: New AI system improves accuracy, fairness, and efficiency in proctoring

The new AI live proctoring system significantly improves the accuracy of candidate monitoring, successfully identifying suspicious behavior while ensuring a more efficient process and fair treatment of all candidates. This solution streamlines the proctoring process, allowing for more effective and scalable exam monitoring.

Embedding ethical AI considerations and best-practices was a top priority from the start of the ProProctor project. Handling Prometric’s sensitive personal data with the video streams showing the candidates’ faces, homes, and exam data, ensuring the AI model’s compliance has been crucial. 2021.AI’s meticulously designed system balances automation with the Proctors’ review, incorporating layers to process AI predictions and add explainability, ensuring transparency and accountability in AI applications.

The foundation for AI succes: GRACE AI Platform

In this partnership several new AI projects are in progress. At a broader scale, the partnership will leverage 2021.AI’s data science expertise to advance capabilities in data forensics, machine learning, and AI.

Collaborating with Prometric over the last few years has been both an exciting and very insightful journey, and we’re glad to continue innovating AI use cases within the testing industry with a leader like Prometric. By delivering the market’s foremost AI platform (GRACE), which has Responsible AI development embedded for any model developed on the platform, this has been made possible. It has ensured that Prometric, as a leading test-provider, can now develop and design exams that will result in fair, valid, and reliable results, providing candidates the confidence of knowing that they were measured on their merit alone.

Mikael Munck, CEO and Founder, 2021.AI

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