Lars Bjerregaard rejoins 2021.AI as Head of Engagement Management


We are thrilled to announce the return of Lars Bjerregaard to the 2021.AI team, where he will take on the pivotal role of Head of Engagement Management. In this capacity, Lars will spearhead all commercial projects, leveraging his extensive experience in IT engineering and leadership spanning over two decades.

Lars Bjerregaard

Lars Bjerregaard – Head of Engagement Management, 2021.AI

Lars Bjerregaard: A proven leader in IT engineering

With a noteworthy career that includes serving as the CTO at Dansk Sundhedssikring and as the SVP, Head of IT Development/Strategic Projects at Saxo Bank, Lars brings a wealth of knowledge in strategic leadership, change management, and digital strategy to 2021.AI. His expertise in overseeing large-scale IT projects and building effective teams, not to mention his approach to integrating technology with customer-focused solutions, aligns seamlessly with our strategic objectives at 2021.AI.

Read on to learn more about Lars’ exciting return!

1. What inspired you to rejoin 2021.AI in this new role?

2021.AI has since its inception been on the forefront of the technology domain — not only creating awareness of the potential of AI/ML but also providing a platform to develop and govern models. Combined with the rise of market awareness of the potential in LLMs, and the increase in the regulatory paradigm in the AI space, 2021.AI is in an extremely exciting position, right now, to become a true market leader in this field.

An absolute must-have to ‘keep up’ with the massive growth of clients and partnerships is professionalizing Client Engagement and Project Management, and here I find a true match with both my capabilities and abilities to help 2021.AI.

Finally, and very importantly, I missed the entrepreneurial spirit, the brilliant people, the energy, and brainpower of this place.

2. How do you plan to approach your role as Head of Engagement Management?

It’s all about creating value for the client. I want to move away from simply delivering an AI capability towards true partnership with the client in delivering value. Establishing trust through very close collaboration.

3. From your extensive experience, what key lessons will you bring into this role?

Avoid the delusion that we will build a ‘one-size-fits-all’ project delivery model—but rather focus on principles and great people. Agile manifesto, for me, is still the backbone of the way to achieve the best results—through people. Of course, the size of the overall portfolio will eventually call for some level of standardization, but it will ALWAYS be preceded with a clear understanding of what problem needs to be addressed.

4. What do you see as the biggest opportunities for 2021.AI in utilizing AI/ML in our services?

Having been in C-level roles, and having had the responsibility for defining and driving a scalability and profitability agenda, applying data-driven decisions to key processes is absolutely critical. It is like going from a ‘gut-feel’ approach to using data to drive operational actions—drive customer service. The opportunity for improving operational efficiency and improving client satisfaction is huge. Any serious company/CIO must have this on the top of their agenda.

5. How do you envision the future of customer engagement and digital transformation in our industry?

Data, data, and data. It all starts and ends with how much data, what data, what quality of data, how to acquire more data. Data to transform the way we approach any problem. Not having data means not having (sufficient) knowledge. Engagement with customers is all about making this point, and helping customers mature the way they approach problem-solving.

6. How do you plan to foster team growth and development in your new role?

Constantly being proactive and understanding the customer pipeline to build necessary bandwidth. I want to build a young, energetic team – a team that fits the entrepreneurial fast-paced environment that 2021.AI DNA is.

We are excited to welcome Lars Bjerregaard as he embarks on this exciting journey as Head of Engagement Management at 2021.AI.

About 2021.AI

2021.AI caters to the growing demand for comprehensive oversight and management of applied AI. The team’s expertise in data science, combined with the AI platform GRACE, serves as a distinguishing factor for clients and partners on a global scale. GRACE represents an essential asset for organizations seeking to solve the most intricate business challenges with AI while simultaneously providing comprehensive data and AI governance capabilities. This commitment to responsible, transparent, and trustworthy model development is instrumental in today’s data-driven landscape. Headquartered in Copenhagen, 2021.AI maintains a global presence, with employees stationed strategically worldwide.

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