Naveen Agarwal joins 2021.AI Board of Directors

2021.AI is excited to announce the addition of Naveen Agarwal to the Board as it expands its US footprint.


Naveen Agarwal, a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with 30+ years of experience in fintech, digital, and AI, has joined the board of directors at 2021.AI. He received his Master of Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley and currently resides in the tech hub, Silicon Valley. Naveen has held senior roles in several companies including Prudential, E*Trade, SunGard, and Pricelock.

Naveen Agarwal

Naveen Agarwal – Member of the Board, 2021.AI

When asked about his role, Agarwal commented, “As a board member, I look forward to collaborating with the 2021.AI team and am excited to introduce US enterprises to the Responsible AI Governance and Acceleration framework the company has developed in Europe. I have been very impressed with the vision and execution of the 2021.AI team.”

Board members are crucial in helping 2021.AI with strategy, industry expertise, governance, fundraising, and the growth of the company. Mikael Munck, CEO of 2021.AI said that, “With Naveen joining our team of board members, we know he will add tremendous strategic value, and will be tremendous in his impact to our growth and help us drive 2021.AI to greater heights in the Responsible AI adoption.”

Naveen Agarwal joins fellow members of 2021.AI’s Board of Directors: Peter Sondergaard (Chairman), Danny Lange, Michael Sauer, Kathrine Stampe Andersen, and Jens Friis Hjortegaard.

About 2021.AI

2021.AI caters to the growing demand for comprehensive oversight and management of applied AI. The team’s expertise in data science, combined with the AI platform GRACE, serves as a distinguishing factor for clients and partners on a global scale. GRACE represents an essential asset for organizations seeking to solve the most intricate business challenges with AI while simultaneously providing comprehensive data and AI governance capabilities. This commitment to responsible, transparent, and trustworthy model development is instrumental in today’s data-driven landscape. Headquartered in Copenhagen, 2021.AI maintains a global presence, with employees stationed strategically worldwide.

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