NNIT partners with 2021.AI to integrate AI in the core business

Strong teamwork and a proven platform help companies scale and coordinate artificial intelligence solutions across their business.


NNIT partners with 2021.AI to integrate AI solutions with the business in the international life sciences and Danish enterprises within NNIT’s core segments

NNIT enters into partnership with 2021.AI focusing on life sciences and Danish companies in NNIT’s core segments; financial services, public organizations and manufacturing companies.

The new partnership fits with NNIT’s strategy to strengthen innovative offerings with a focus on AI as a means for improved competitiveness.

Established in November 2016, 2021.AI has grown into one of the most innovative Nordic companies with 80+ employees, headquartered in Copenhagen with sales and R&D in several locations globally.

According to the agreement, NNIT will go to market with the Grace AI Platform which was developed and delivered by the team of data scientists, computer engineers and IT architects from 2021.AI.

“Combining the strength of the successful entrepreneur and the leading provider of IT services and consultancy, we will collaborate to help clients take artificial intelligence (AI) to the next more mature level,” explains Brian Troelsen, Business Development Director, NNIT.

When a company embarks on an AI journey clear and measurable value creation happens in the production phase. With the Grace AI platform, companies can both develop, productionize and efficiently scale their AI models, by amongst many things standardize their development processes and workflows.

“Most companies want to move from “the pilot project mode” and find a way to scale AI initiatives while ensuring full AI governance and robust solutions, and our partnership is established to deliver this development,” Brian Troelsen explains.

Organizations wish to an increasing degree to get value from AI and apply it to their business challenges.

“Enterprises focus increasingly on how to use AI and automation as a means for cost optimization and improving revenue, harvesting value from their data by developing and productionizing AI models,” explains CEO, Mikael Munck, from 2021.AI. He continues:

“We look very much forward to working closely together with the experts from NNIT who come with a deep knowledge about highly regulated enterprises from e.g. the life sciences industry and the finance sector.”

The newly updated version of the Grace AI platform is offered as part of NNIT’s full stack of AI services.

About NNIT

NNIT is an international consultancy in the development, implementation, validation and operation of IT for the life sciences industry. We create value for our clients by treating their IT as if it was our own, and of course, we meet the industry’s strictest regulatory requirements. We apply the latest advances in technology to make our clients’ software, business processes and communication more effective. NNIT A/S has more than 3,200 employees. For more information please visit www.nnit.com.

Press contact NNIT

Helga Heyn, NNIT Communications
Email: hhey@nnit.com
Phone: +45 30 77 81 41

About 2021.AI

2021.AI serves the growing need for applied AI. Our data science expertise combined with our Grace AI Platform offers a true AI differentiator for clients around the world. With Grace, Data Scientists can solve some of the most complex problems, and at the same time provide organizations with the most comprehensive data and AI governance for ethical, transparent, and trustworthy model development. 2021.AI is headquartered in Copenhagen with sales and R&D in several locations globally.

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