trust your AI?

Ensure trust in your AI by implementing and monitoring Governance, Risk and Compliance across your organization. From model design to validation and certification.

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Manage a multitude of new regulations for AI and related data

Establish trust in AI

We simplify Governance, Risk & Compliance for AI reducing complexity, and bureaucratic burden, through unique solutions and team collaboration on the GRACE platform.

Compliance for AI and related data

GRACE offers ready-to-use packages to comply with the fast growing number of AI laws, regulations, and guidelines, globally.

  • Implement the right controls to comply with the EU AI Act, GDPR, AI Bill of Rights and more
  • Custom build policy-guided workflows and guardrails
  • Be ready for external and internal AI audits
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AI model monitoring and insight

AI model monitoring and insight

GRACE is a platform agnostic fabric connecting data sets and models throughout the entire model lifecycle, from development to production.

  • Identify, understand, and continuously monitor model bias, fairness, explainability, accuracy, security, and privacy
  • Black box and 3rd party models risk monitoring

Risk Management for AI

We are adapting risk management best practices to the needs of modern AI, Governance, Risk & Compliance.

  • Articulate risks and demonstrate control over your AI
  • Get a clear understanding of the effects AI will have on your customer relationships, employees and workplace, product services and technology
  • Drive effective risk mitigation through timely action placed correctly in your organization
Risk Management for AI
Cross-organization collaboration

Cross-organization collaboration

Breaking organizational silos and placing responsibilities and tasks with the appropiate stakeholders is vital to sucessful, trusted and compliant AI implemention and use.

  • Efficient stakeholder collaboration, delegation, and communication
  • Propietary APIs and Python libraries for model data integration and composability
  • Delivered as SaaS in all major clouds and on-prem infrastructure

Delivering trust in your AI

The GRACE platform will ensure your AI is trusted through a simple and collaborative assessment process, including validation and certification according to regulations and ethical criteria

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Registering your AI model

In a few simple steps you can register your AI model or connect to your model library

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Defining your AI compliance landscape

Accesing to pre-defined impact assesments, regulatory frameworks and ethical guidelines

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Conformity & validation

Continuously monitor model, business and compliance risks through insightful reports and dashboards

act on risk

Identifying and acting on risk

Establish and operate governance and compliance workflows, procedures, and controls

monitor risk

Audit & monitoring

Easy internal and external auditing to warrant that regulations and ethical guidelines have been followed


No matter whether you develop, buy, host, consult or audit an AI model, we have a solution that suits yours or your customer needs. We have designed a flexible, and scalable platform, GRACE, to support this precise need of the full Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC)

AI trust - Team

Enterprise AI teams

Build and maintain trust with business decision makers, customers and partners through continuous risk management and regulatory compliance


AI trust - Model developers

Model developers

Augment your current tools with best practice governance and action oriented model and regulatory risk identification and mitigation, in minutes


AI trust - sandboxes

Regulatory sandboxes

Accelerate innovation with collaboration and create a culture of trustworthy, well-governed AI


AI trust - consulting companies

Consulting companies

Scale AI governance with full control over the process to 1000’s of customers, globally


Cross-organizational collaboration

GRACE has the Governance, Risk, & Compliance solutions you need to achieve your goals

Persona - AI project manager

AI Project Manager

Are you responsible for development and implementation of AI models seeking to accelerate time to market?


Modular assessments tailored to business, technology and risk/compliance stakeholders


Always up-to-date regulatory requirements and emerging AI risk management practices


Ensure team accountability and engagement

Persona - Risk & Compliance manager

Risk & Compliance Officer

Are you seeking an enterprise ready solution to govern AI risks and comply to AI regulations?


Up-to-date regulatory requirements in all major jurisdictions and industries


Best practice AI risk management frameworks


Adapt assessments depth to your organization’s maturity

Persona - Model Developer

Model Developer

Are you a Data Scientist AI/ML developer seeking to achieve compliance while minimizing bureaucracy?


Connect your model repository and code in minutes


Comply with AI regulations with out-of-the-box assessments


Delegate, assign, and collaborate on measure and action to mitigate risks

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