Valcon and 2021.AI lead the charge for Responsible AI business practices

2021.AI has teamed up with Valcon, a Utrecht-based tech, data, and service provider, to integrate the GRACE Platform into Valcon’s consulting offering. The partnership sets a crucial precedent for responsible, competitive business operations in the age of AI.


2021.AI, specialists in Responsible AI, has joined forces with Valcon, one of Europe’s top technology, data, and consulting service providers, to offer Governance-supported consulting services that set new standards for Responsible AI across Europe.

2021.AI’s GRACE Platform represents the cornerstone of the new partnership. Designed to ensure legal and ethical compliance, GRACE uses built-in guardrails to assess and verify that AI models adhere to various regulatory frameworks.

By integrating GRACE into Valcon’s full-service consulting spread, the partnership represents a significant step forward in how businesses operate and compete in an era increasingly defined by AI, including large language models (LLMs) such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

“As new AI models will inevitably find their way into our work, we must take a proactive stance and embrace our role as early adopters,” said Lasse Mortensen, partner and head of data at Valcon Nordics. “We prioritize a cautious approach to explore the value of the new AI models without compromising our integrity or that of our clients. To that end, we’re grateful to have a like-minded partner in 2021.AI.”

The partnership comprises two major stages. Initially, Valcon will integrate GRACE into its internal operations, setting a critical precedent within the consulting industry. Subsequently, Valcon will offer GRACE-supported services to its clients, including a complete process framework to guide the AI implementation process from conceptualization to execution.

With state-of-the-art Governance capabilities, GRACE will enable Valcon’s clients to derive maximum economic benefit from AI without violating their legal or ethical standards.

“2021.AI aims to work with the best, most respected consulting companies. Valcon is just such a company,” said Mikael Munck, founder and CEO at 2021.AI. “We look forward to generating responsible, tangible value from LLMs like ChatGPT for Valcon’s end-clients—and, of course, for Valcon itself.”

The partnership’s joint goal is to cement the place of Responsible AI within the European AI landscape by setting new standards for AI Governance excellence.

For more information

Mikael Munck,
Founder and CEO 2021.AI
Ryesgade 3F, 2nd floor,
2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark

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