2021.AI named a Major Player in IDC MarketScape: Worldwide AI governance platforms 2023 vendor assessment


2021.AI announced today that it has been named a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide AI Governance Platforms 2023 Vendor Assessment (doc #US50056923, November 2023).

“First of all, we are very pleased with 2021.AI’s position in the Major Players Category. We have been working very hard to get here,” says Mikael Munck, founder and CEO of 2021.AI. “It is great to see AI Governance platforms emerge as a category in and of itself. As the market embraces the concept of Responsible AI in 2023, and with the EU AI Act and other legislations in the coming years, we expect 2024 and 2025 to be a breakthrough for AI Governance across the globe.”

2021.AI’s solution for AI governance, the GRACE platform, provides an underlying solution to develop, deploy, and monitor responsible AI for organizations. This platform prevents the potential for harmfulness in AI systems while also providing clients an efficient way to accelerate and streamline processes which could otherwise take a lot of manual effort.

About IDC MarketScape

IDC MarketScape vendor assessment model is designed to provide an overview of the competitive fitness of ICT (information and communications technology) suppliers in a given market. The research methodology utilizes a rigorous scoring methodology based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria that results in a single graphical illustration of each vendor’s position within a given market. IDC MarketScape provides a clear framework in which the product and service offerings, capabilities and strategies, and current and future market success factors of IT and telecommunications vendors can be meaningfully compared. The framework also provides technology buyers with a 360-degree assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and prospective vendors.

“Organizations need to become responsible at the core,” says Ritu Jyoti, group vice president, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence and Automation Market Research and Advisory Services at IDC. “By shifting from a reactive, responsible AI approach to the proactive development and use of mature responsible AI capabilities and tools, businesses can focus more on performance and competitive advantage and deliver business value with social and moral responsibility.”

“Embracing AI governance platforms is not just a matter of compliance; it is a strategic imperative for organizations looking to thrive in the age of AI,” said Raghunandhan Kuppuswamy, research manager, AI Software at IDC.

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