Is AI the Answer to True Love?

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When I was a little girl, I always dreamt of my one true love who would come in a moment’s need to whisk me away and give me that happily ever after. Unfortunately, life isn’t a Disney movie, as well as the evolution of online dating. The modern technology miracles made finding a partner a whole lot easier. Now we can conveniently swipe our way through pools of “potential partners” from the comfort of our own homes. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) we can swipe our ways to love using data in numerous dating apps.

Perhaps, the reason for not being able to find our prince charming ourselves is because we don’t honestly know ourselves well enough to make the immense decision of deciding who we happily could spend the rest of our lives with. We all know the feeling of swooning over a person we have met online, but after meeting them in real life, the expected outcome of fireworks is met with bitter disappointment. According to Paul W. Eastwick and Eli J. Finkel of Northwestern University research on speed dating revealed, preferences regarding people’s “hypothetical partners” considerably changed after meeting the person face to face. Another problem with online dating is the parody of choice. As Barry Schwartz put it, “The fact that some choice is good doesn’t necessarily mean that more choice is better.” Fortunately, thanks to the exponential growth of smart technology, the way partners are paired up on online should provide a better dating environment.

Currently, a few dating apps and websites are using advanced technologies to help singles find quality matches. BELONG, is a new dating app which helps people move quickly from match to meet in real life by enabling users to manage dates with limited online interaction. The app curates personalized pairing and social events by using AI and Machine Learning (ML). It uses AI to examine each user’s location and behavioral data. Once the user is matched, the app uses all the user’s data to recommend date ideas, helping to choose the day, place and possible activities.

Still the idea of swiping through hundreds of potential partners, forming judgements based on what they look like in their photos or how great they sound in their description, all seems to be a bit haphazard and unbridled. AI will help control these unruly matches and end the age of swiping by finding us the perfect partner.

“Machines will essentially open doors to a better understanding of ourselves”eHarmony

In 2016, the “science-based” online dating agency, eHarmony, and Imperial College Business school joined forces to investigate how smart technology will transform the dating selection process. They conclude that the future of dating will be dependent on the rise of AI.

Essentially, smart technologies which will give us fundamental insights into our intra-personal consciousness regarding our own daily behaviors. This will ultimately change the way we choose our partners by matching us not only by our immediate desires but also our subconscious too.

Can you imagine being matched up to your future spouse from the data accumulated by smart technology? Soon, your “smart contact lenses” will be tracking the types of people you are attracted to the most, the GPS on your smartwatch will reveal how introvert and extrovert you are, and even the smart thermometer in your home will be tracking your preferred temperature.

Example situations of how our smart tech will affect dating in the future predicted by eHarmony and Imperial College Business School.

How smart tech will affect dating in the future

The thought of our smart devices creating our biometric profile could be quite alarming, but with all new technology, there will always be an underlining notion of fear. This is mainly because people are creatures of habit, that attain purpose in routine, and new technology disrupts this. Remember “Y2K” when the world prepared for the time apocalypse and then nothing happened? The reality is we will always be frightened of technology, especially new technology, but being matched because of yours and your partner’s smart device’s data will extensively help us understand what kind of companions are better suited to us from the very beginning.

AI will revolutionize the way we find our possible significant others and ultimately help us choose the right one. From our sleeping and exercise patterns to financial habits. Perhaps healthcare AI can even help prevent a broken heart.

For more insights on how smart technologies can transform the dating scene over the next 50 years from facial recognition to virtual telepathy, check out The Future of Dating by e-Harmony.