Green Tech Logistics and 2021.AI optimizes supply chains throughout the Nordic countries

By combining deep industry knowledge with the power of AI, two Danish companies can improve logistics systems in a transparent, eco-conscious manner.


2021.AI is excited to announce a partnership with Green Tech Logistics (GTL), a green logistics firm that optimizes supply chains for clients throughout the Nordic region.

With over thirty years of combined experience in transport & logistics, GTL founders Ken Nordqvist and Alan Plaugmann have long observed that production companies are slow to adopt new and better technology. Even when these companies possess valuable data, executives often do not know how to use data to streamline supply chains.

“Many Nordic companies only use analog methods to produce and transport commodities,” says Ken Nordqvist of GTL. “They use systems without any predictive aspect at all, and that’s a huge missed opportunity. AI provides these companies with the insights they need to drive growth in the digital era.”

With infrastructure provided by 2021.AI’s GRACE AI Platform, GTL and 2021.AI are driving disruptive industry change by replacing analog methods with advanced digital processes. The logistics industry is notoriously volatile, but by using predictive AI models, GTL can optimize efficiency for warehouses, cross docks, and other shipping facilitators.

At the partnership’s heart is a shared commitment to Responsible AI. While GTL emphasizes transparent data use and environmental responsibility, the GRACE Platform’s comprehensive AI Governance functions ensure AI model compliance with legal regulations and ethical guidelines.

By pooling their respective skill sets, GTL and 2021.AI ensure that optimized logistics systems are not only efficient but also transparent and eco-conscious.

“I’m thrilled with the collaboration between GTL and 2021.AI,” says Bjørn Olesen, Platform Provider at 2021.AI. “GTL combines deep industry knowledge with the power of AI, making an industry-changing cocktail. The companies that follow this recipe will be the future winners of market shares.”

About Green Tech Logistics

Based in Copenhagen, Green Tech Logistics is redefining logistics by optimizing supply chains with AI and machine learning. By connecting TMS, ERP, and asset management systems, GTL automates data extraction processes and offers machine learning algorithms to improve and enrich data quality for clients. For more information, please visit

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