Executive Insights, APRIL 2023

Is your business ready for the paradigm shift in AI adoption?



This paradigm shift for AI happened as Large Language Models (LLM’s), like ChartGPT, have put AI in the hands of all, offering a much more intuitive way to engage with these type AI models.

AI has been made more understandable to the wider public, which also has increased the appetite of businesses and organizations now wanting to engage with AI and AI solutions at large as a key factor in improving business operations and decision-making processes.

As someone who works in the AI industry, I have seen first-hand how fast this paradigm shift has happened. Less than one year ago, many businesses saw AI as a complex, difficult-to-understand technology that would often not receive the prioritization and resources it deserved in relation to its potential impact.

However, this has all changed now as the importance of AI is visible to all, NOW businesses and organizations very fast realize why they need to have an AI-first agenda today and not tomorrow. This is not too late for anyone to at a professional level implement AI in their business and organization, but you better shape up, allocate a sufficient budget and have AI at the top of your project priorities for 2023.

AI has never been as powerful and intrusive in our lives as it is now, and with that comes the need for careful monitoring and tracking of these AI models from ideation, development to deployment and operational use. This is a question of how we responsibly enhance human decision-making by addressing concerns around privacy, security, bias, model hallucinations, and much more. To truly reap the benefits of AI, we need to have a clear agenda for the responsible use of AI and supporting solutions to ensure AI Governance, Risk & Compliance are in place. This means that we must consider the ethical implications of AI and apply guidelines and policies that ensure it’s safe and responsible and that the potential risks are minimized.

In conclusion, the paradigm shift in AI adoption has happened, and we are now at a tipping point where AI is (or very soon will be) a crucial part of any business or organization’s operations. With AI we have the ability to efficiently shape the future with intelligence. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and it is essential that we as a top priority have a responsible AI agenda to ensure that AI is used safely and ethically.

At 2021.AI, we are committed to supporting this agenda and helping organizations navigate the development and use of AI, and not least, implementing the required AI Governance, Risk & Compliance to unlock the full potential of AI.

Mikael Munck

Mikael Munck


Mikael is the founder and CEO of 2021.AI. He has 25+ years of experience in Technology and Financial sectors. Mikael was the Global Head of Technology and Operations at Saxo Bank. He is the Chairman of Copenhagen FinTech, an investor and a board member of several other technology companies.

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