Partnering with the Danish Center for Artificial Intelligence

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Partnerships for the Future of AI

The Danish Center for Artificial Intelligence (DCAKI) and 2021.AI are partnering to push Denmark to the forefront of AI. Beginning in September, 2021.AI will be the first, new residents at the Danish Center for Artificial Intelligence.

The partnership will allow 2021.AI to deliver advisory, technology and data science competencies across the board in coordination with DCAKI. The partnership in the center will allow the different parties to use each other’s competencies where they fit best.

Flemming Adsersen, COO at DCAKI is looking forward to having 2021.AI move into the new offices, “It is exciting to have 2021.AI on board on a scale consideration. There are many good ideas coming out of businesses but these ideas do not come into production. 2021.AI gives businesses knowledge about how to use AI to deliver real business value.”

Similarly, Mikael Munck, CEO and Founder of 2021.AI states, “The center is ideal for the development of ideas and the possibility to share data. We are looking forward to meeting some of the most ambitious organizations in the area that we would like to have a dialogue with”. 2021.AI will have two of its data scientists moving into the center in the fall.

Expanding AI Access to Denmark

DCAKI aims to increase easy access to Machine Learning, AI and Big Data. The center will be a one point of entry to the Danish “AI world”. The center will open doors for a range of businesses to access the top AI skills in Denmark. This innovative environment will improve connections to drones, IoT, Chatbots and other AI related technologies. The new offices are located at the South Campus of the University of Copenhagen. This center is supported by the Alexandra Instituttet.

2021.AI is an ambitious next-generation company focused on maximizing business value for our client’s digital transformation based on artificial intelligence. We use our own technology to achieve a simple and efficient deployment of machine learning and data sciences, guiding organizations away from processes that rely on legacy technology, disjoint tools and intensive engineering support. 2021.AI is a global company with an agile and open mind-set working seamlessly with our clients. We offer 15+ years’ experience running and executing more than 100 globally sourced projects, following a fail-proof delivery management process focused on delivering clear measurable business value.

Contact at DCAKI

Flemming Adsersen, COO

+45 24 82 90 60

Contact at 2021.AI

Mikael Munck, CEO

+45 51 59 50 50