2021.AI and Red Marble AI to deliver GRC-as-a-Service for AI solutions

Governance software helps organizations ensure their AI projects are implemented responsibly and legally compliant.


2021.AI has partnered with Red Marble AI to bring international AI standards for Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) to Australia. By combining the Governance functions of 2021.AI’s GRACE AI Platform with Red Marble’s data science capabilities, legal expertise, and knowledge of Australian markets, the partnership will support organizations seeking to comply with legal and ethical guidelines as AI becomes increasingly central to the global economy.

GRACE offers complete GRC support for AI projects. With GRACE, management can define business, legal, and ethical requirements for a project and verify compliance throughout the development lifecycle. Impact Assessments and other Governance functions not only ensure compliance but also provide consistent and auditable documentation.

GRACE already includes national and international frameworks for ethical and responsible AI development, but Red Marble and 2021.AI will also develop assessment checklists and rulesets tailored to the Australian market. Executives are thus assured that their organizations’ AI programs can meet internal business objectives and comply with external policies, guidelines, and legislation.

Together, 2021.AI and Red Marble AI make it easy for companies to trial GRACE’s world-leading capabilities by offering GRC-as-a-Service and customized GRC platform deployments for customers.

About Red Marble AI

Red Marble AI is a leading technology firm specializing in AI. Based in Melbourne, Red Marble builds and deploys AI-enabled software applications for enterprise and large private customers across Australia. Learn more at RedMarble.AI

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