Valcon becomes a shareholder in 2021.AI

The consulting firm Valcon and an AI technology provider 2021.AI have entered into an extended partnership agreement, which also implies that Valcon has become a shareholder in 2021.AI in the last funding round on the 3rd of January, 2019.


Valcon and 2021.AI create strong synergies through their combined business model. Valcon’s consulting services help companies ensure efficiency, primarily through optimized data usage, while 2021.AI provides the underlying AI platform technology and data sciences expertise to warrant a successful AI implementation. It is a remarkable partnership, that will strengthen the market position of both companies.

CEO of 2021.AI, Mikael Munck, states: “Valcon is a market leader in optimization of company operations. In combination with our GRACE AI platform, it will enable us as partners to offer implementation and utilization of AI across all sectors. We see tremendous synergies in the combined services and shared solutions to solve clients’ business challenges.”

“With Valcon, we further reinforce the fulfillment of one of our strategic objectives to become a global leading AI technology provider. We are now closer to this goal thanks to our firm partnership with a leading management consulting firm with competences in advanced analytics and organizational transformation.”

Valcon is also determined to becoming part of 2021.AI. Valcon’s CEO, Thomas Fischer, states: “We already have a highly data-driven approach to our clients’ business challenges, however, our leading position in Europe imposes on us an obligation to be on even more cutting edge in terms of the technology we offer to our clients. We have already successfully delivered several projects in cooperation with 2021.AI, and we are therefore pleased that they have offered us the opportunity to become the shareholder. We are looking forward to our collaboration and continued integration of our services.”

As previously mentioned, 2021.AI and Valcon have already cooperated on a number of clients. This initial cooperation will now move ahead in a more formalized manner.

“There is no doubt that our partnership with 2021.AI will allow us to have an even more comprehensive approach to our clients’ issues. With machine learning and predictive analytics, we have been able to provide our clients with an unprecedented effect and speed in the optimization of their operations,” says Lasse Mortensen, Head of Analytics and AI in Valcon.

About Valcon

Valcon is a consulting firm with Scandinavian roots and an international profile. We are leading in Europe within operations management. We always seek to create value in increasingly complex markets in constant change. We work for companies that acknowledge these conditions and embrace them with a high ambition level. The solution is to connect strategy and operations by not only focusing on the why and what but also the how. We excel in this in Valcon. See more on

Contact Valcon

CEO, Thomas Fischer
Phone +45 5151 4227

Head of Analytics and AI, Lasse Mortensen
Phone +45 2032 4427

About 2021.AI

2021.AI serves the growing need for applied AI. Our data science expertise combined with our GRACE AI Platform offers a true AI differentiator for clients around the world. With GRACE, Data Scientists can solve some of the most complex problems, and at the same time provide organizations with the most comprehensive data and AI governance for ethical, transparent, and trustworthy model development. 2021.AI is headquartered in Copenhagen with sales and R&D in several locations globally.

Contact 2021.AI

CEO, Mikael Munck
Phone +45 5159 5050

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