Expanding the team to strengthen the expertise in the enterprise-wide implementation of AI

2021 will be the year of enterprise AI implementations. 2021.AI is uniquely positioned to support existing and new clients with end-to-end solutions on their path to accelerate and scale AI implementations.


As a commitment to deliver in new markets and serve the growing need for practical enterprise-wide AI implementation for organizations worldwide, 2021.AI is pleased to announce the recent addition of six new employees to the organization, with more to follow soon.

Additional capacity across multiple teams

The new employees augment the Data Science, Development, and Sales teams, and they join 2021.AI to support its current and future strong growth ambitions.

“At 2021.AI, we are delighted to see the growing interest from clients across the globe in our GRACE AI platform and our comprehensive solution for GRC for data & AI. We expect this demand to accelerate further as many organizations want to harvest the benefits from enterprise-wide AI implementations and need support for the growing compliance burdens, following new laws and regulations for AI,” says CEO & Founder Mikael Munck.

2021.AI's new employees to join the team

The new team members represent diverse backgrounds and bring extensive experience within their respective fields. For 2021.AI, it is crucial to continue to attract and grow talent to develop and grow with our clients and partners.

Partner & COO Martin Nørballe explains: “We continue to see significant growth in our business and have a clear strategy for expanding our global operations. Consequently, we are also very deliberate in how we bring new talent to the team. We are not only building to support the growing demand in the short term; we are building the team that will be an essential part of taking 2021.AI to the next level in our company’s growth journey.”

Partnerships continue to be a catalyst for growth

In addition to growing the internal team, 2021.AI also has a clear vision for growth through partnerships. 2021.AI is committed to offering its platform and consultancy to aid its various partners within their respective operating models. With the capability to effectively develop and support consulting, solution, and ISV partnerships, 2021.AI is in a unique position to scale sales and implementation of the GRACE AI Platform, servicing a global client base.

About 2021.AI

2021.AI serves the growing enterprise need for full management and oversight of applied AI. Our data science expertise, combined with the GRACE AI Platform, offers a real AI differentiator for clients and partners worldwide. GRACE helps data scientists solve some of the most complex business problems while also providing organizations with the most comprehensive data and AI Governance capability for responsible, transparent, and trustworthy model development. 2021.AI is headquartered in Copenhagen, with employees in five locations globally.

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