2021.AI joins forces with Concordium to elevate trust in AI through blockchain integration


In a new partnership announcement, 2021.AI, a global AI leader, has collaborated with Concordium, a public layer-1 blockchain firm. The alliance aims to set a new standard in AI transparency and data validation.

Strengthening the foundations of AI trust

The integration of Concordium’s blockchain with 2021.AI’s platform, GRACE, enhances AI data validation capabilities. It further ensures that AI-generated content aligns with stringent regulatory standards. Together, the partnership unlocks new applications, such as ESG Validation, MiCA compliance, and adherence to the EU-AI-Act.

Rasmus Hauch, Chief Technical Officer at 2021.AI, remarked, “In our dynamic AI landscape, this alliance with Concordium is not just strategic but essential. We’re collectively broadening horizons for AI applications and ensuring their responsible and ethical deployment.”

Transparency and accountability in focus

GRACE, 2021.AI’s platform, harnesses data science to refine information systems and support machine learning applications. With Concordium’s blockchain integration, GRACE is now equipped with robust data validation tools crucial to the evolving AI sector.

Kåre Kjelstrøm, Chief Technical Officer at Concordium, shared, “Our goal has always been to contribute to a secure digital landscape. Partnering with 2021.AI helps us to foster greater trust in machine learning applications. With the backing of our compliant protocol, AI developers can confidently establish transparent governance structures, enhancing machine learning’s potential reach.”

Key Insights:

  • The partnership underscores a pivotal shift towards transparent and accountable AI practices.
  • New applications, like ESG Validation and MiCA compliance, are now feasible, promoting responsible AI usage.
  • Enhanced AI data integrity and transparency are at the forefront of this collaboration.

About 2021.AI

Founded in 2016 by CEO Mikael Munck, 2021.AI is a global catalyst in the AI landscape. With a mission to distribute advanced AI technology fairly, they globally offer data science expertise and AI platform management. Their flagship platform, GRACE, ensures comprehensive management of applied AI.

About Concordium

Concordium, established in 2018 by Saxo Bank’s Lars Seier Christensen the co-founder of Saxo Bank, is a public-layer 1 blockchain firm prioritizing privacy. It merges regulatory compliance with an embedded identity system. Notably, each wallet links to a verified real-world identity, ensuring trusted and private transactions via zero-knowledge-proof.

For more information

Mikael Munck,
Founder and CEO 2021.AI
Ryesgade 3F, 2nd floor,
2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark

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