Danish Digital Awards nominates 2021.AI for Best Use of AI


2021.AI secures nomination for Best Use of AI

2021.AI, a front runner in responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, is thrilled to announce its nomination for the “Best Use of AI” award at the upcoming Danish Digital Awards. This recognition underscores the innovative approach and potential impact of 2021.AI’s Virtual Assistant for Patients project, developed in collaboration with Rigshospitalet’s Department of Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT), and Rigshospitalet’s Innovations Center.

Addressing crucial healthcare needs with AI

In an era where timely and accurate healthcare information is crucial, 2021.AI has leveraged AI to enhance patient support through its groundbreaking Virtual Assistant. This AI-driven solution will aid patients in navigating the complex treatment pathways by providing essential, understandable information 24/7. The purpose of the Virtual Assistant is to improve patient preparedness for surgeries, thus reducing cancellations and enhancing healthcare delivery.

About Danish Digital Awards

The Danish Digital Awards celebrate exceptional achievements in digital solutions, spotlighting projects that combine creativity, innovation, and effectiveness. These awards provide a platform for recognizing outstanding contributions to digital advancements across various sectors. The nomination of 2021.AI highlights the company’s role in pushing the boundaries of AI applications in healthcare.

An ongoing commitment to AI excellence

Following its recent win at The AI Journal Global Excellence Awards for Best Use of AI for Public Sector, this nomination further solidifies 2021.AI’s leadership in deploying AI to solve real-world problems.

The GRACE platform: A foundation for responsible AI

At the heart of 2021.AI’s solutions is the GRACE platform, ensuring secure and compliant AI operations. GRACE supports robust identity and access management, resource management, and service orchestration, making it an invaluable tool for organizations aiming to implement AI responsibly.

Looking forward

As 2021.AI continues to innovate and expand its solutions to other patient groups and medical departments, the company remains committed to its mission of enhancing AI accessibility and efficacy in the healthcare sector.

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