2021.AI and Prometric boost technology-enabled assessments with AI

AI efficiently and accurately flags fraudulent activity during remote assessments, improving the reliability and experience of technology-enabled testing worldwide


2021.AI and Prometric have unveiled an updated Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to better protect exam integrity, detect misconduct, and ensure the highest level of security in assessments. The new AI system works alongside live proctors and flags behavioral anomalies that then undergo manual review.

With test sites across 180 countries, Prometric has long been a global leader in the testing and assessment industry. But in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for remotely administered exams skyrocketed. Credentialing organizations, universities, employers, and other institutions increasingly rely on test administrators to ensure exam integrity, so it is critical that Prometric use the highest standard of AI models available.

Prometric teamed up with 2021.AI, a pioneering firm in Responsible AI development, to enhance their AI system with the best possible technology that would significantly improve security during the remote assessment experience and greater system accuracy to generate better outcomes for clients.

Developed by 2021.AI, the AI system better detects behavioral anomalies with high accuracy, cutting false positive flags significantly. It complements, not replaces, live proctors to create a highly secure environment. The system retains an outstanding capacity to detect cheating and can better discern anomalous behavior from false positives, creating a safer and more secure environment for both the test taker and the credentialing organization. Together, the expert human proctor and AI-enabled technology presents the strongest security and outcomes in the assessment environment.

By dividing the task into multiple components, we’ve adapted the AI system to meet the specific needs of the exam administration industry,” said Ahmed Zewain, a Data Scientist for 2021.AI. Because Prometric is a leader in that industry, the advanced AI system will positively impact millions of people and, hopefully, uplift the space as a whole.

As a final step, the new AI system will undergo AI Governance checks. Once all AI processes meet rigorous Governance guidelines to address risks and eliminate bias, the now-certified AI system will enter production.

We are excited about the solution that 2021.AI has developed, which again, positions Prometric at the forefront of an increasingly digitized market,” said Kevin Pawsey, General Manager of Remote Assessments for Prometric. By enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of our services, the AI system not only adds tangible business value but promises to improve the exam experience for institutions, proctors, and test-takers worldwide.”

About Prometric LLC

Prometric is a leading provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment solutions. Our integrated, end-to-end solutions provide exam development, management, and distribution that set the industry standard in quality, security, and service excellence. Today, we are paving the industry’s path forward with new solutions and innovation to ensure reliable access to secure assessments anytime, anywhere. For more information, please visit www.prometric.com

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