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Ai Watch - Episode 2

APRIL 2023

Toolsets for operationalisation of AI assurance

This episode explores toolsets for the operationalization of AI Assurance. Rob Wortham, director of AI at the Global Digital Foundation, explores how toolsets can equip organizations to surmount the individual and institutional challenges of AI Assurance. Rob also presents actionable steps to help organizations begin this process. News briefs touch on the societal anxiety surrounding ChatGPT—and how engagement with a regulatory sandbox could help relieve these worries.


Ai Watch - Episode 2

MARCH 2023

AI ethics – From principle to practice

This episode explores the impact of AI Governance frameworks on the success of Responsible AI initiatives. Liam Sapsford describes how insufficiently integrated Governance frameworks can heighten risk and gives advice on how to turn ethical goals into effective policies. Additionally, Liam outlines why organizations should prepare for upcoming AI legislation. News briefs touch on the business impacts of AI and how AI adoption rates have skyrocketed in recent years.



Navigating the future of AI: Insights on governance and how to build trust

This episode explores the dynamic and ever-changing field of AI governance. Avishay Gaziel, a AI Risk Expert, shares insights on how AI governance can assist organizations in establishing confidence in their AI systems and decision-making procedures. Additionally, he comments on the difficulties involved in putting AI governance into practice. The news briefs touch on the ethical aspects of AI systems, including generative AI models such as ChatGPT and the impact of AI on human productivity.


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