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AI Watch - Episode #17 EU AI Act insights


EU AI Act: Insights, challenges and priorities

In this AI Watch episode, Avishay Gaziel, a senior AI risk advisor at 2021.AI, discusses the challenges of governing AI under the EU AI Act, emphasizing the importance of data management, privacy, and GDPR compliance. He also highlights the growing significance of responsible AI in today’s business landscape.


Ep 16 of AI Watch Newsletter


E-mobility meets AI with Nuvve

In this episode, Nuvee and 2021.AI discuss using AI to optimize electric vehicle charging, leveraging AI to forecast energy needs and stabilize the grid while maximizing the value of EVs. They emphasize the importance of high-quality data for accurate AI forecasting.


AI Watch - Episode 15


How AI will have an impact in 2024?

In this episode Mikael Munck, the founder of 2021.AI, interviews Henrik Fabrin, the AI lead at Dansk Industri. The conversation revolves around the impact of AI on businesses, specifically the challenges and opportunities for Danish companies.


AI Watch Newsletter: Episode 13


Is AI ready for industrial use?

This episode explores the impact of AI on the field of robotics and the readiness of the industry for AI implementation. Björn Preuß dives into this discussion in an interview with Søren Peter Johansen, a technology manager at the Technology Institute in Denmark.


AI Watch Newsletter: Episode 13


Manufacturing AI: Insights from Cobham Satcom’s CIO

This episode explores how Cobham Satcom implemented AI to optimize its supply chain for electronic components. By using AI to forecast demand and identify potential snags in the supply chain, Cobham Satcom was able to boost sales, assess risk, and reduce costs.


AI Watch Newsletter: Episode 12


How AI can be implemented in management

This episode explores how AI can enhance decision-making and efficiency in the workplace while addressing bias, job displacement, and regulation. Kathrin Kirchner and Björn Preuß explain that the key lies in responsible adoption: defining clear goals, fostering collaboration between data scientists and business minds, ensuring transparency, and adapting organizational culture.


AI Watch Newsletter: Episode 11


Ethics and proper application of AI

In this AI Watch episode, “Ethics and Proper Application of AI”, Prayson Wilfred, principal data scientist at NTT Data, joins Ahmed Zewain, lead product data scientist at 2021.AI, to discuss the ethical considerations in machine learning development. This episode defines business goals, discusses data traceability, and much more.


AI Watch Newsletter: Episode 10


Real risks & opportunities of LLMs

In this AI Watch episode, “Real Risks and Opportunities of LLMs” Avishay Gaziel, 2021.AI’s Senior Risk Advisor, discusses the problem-solving capabilities as well as fears associated with LLMs with Hannah Becher, Fraud and Transaction Surveillance team lead at Pleo. They touch on the significant opportunity AI has to address pressing 21st-century problems if used correctly as well as the “arms race” among tech companies developing their AI models.



Unpacking AI Bias

In this AI Watch episode, Björn Preuß and Nermeen Louizi Ghoniem, Tech Program Manager at the LEGO Group, explore bias in AI models, using examples like gender bias in big tech and healthcare data. They emphasize the importance of diverse data, collaboration, and organizational culture in mitigating bias.


AI Watch - Episode 8


Navigating the new frontier:
Biden’s AI Executive Order and its impact on enterprises

In this episode, Yina Moe-Lange is joined by guest Anik Bose, Managing Partner at BGV and Founder of EAIGG, to discuss the White House’s new AI Executive Order that could impact businesses across the globe. Yina and Anik dive into the recent Executive Order’s goals, the 8 high-level principles, the standards involved, and much more. Together, they’ll discuss and evaluate which industries using AI systems will be most affected by this new regulation.



Transforming business with generative AI

In this episode, Björn Preuß sits down with guest Bent Dalager, founder and leader of KPMG NewTech’s practice in the Nordics. Bent, who also serves as an advisory group member at KPMG Global’s Emerging Tech Exec Committee, delves into the realm of generative AI and its future impact across almost every industry. Björn and Bent unravel the essence of generative AI, tracing its roots and significance in the technological landscape. Together they discuss how to best approach generative AI from the company level, which industries stand to benefit, and what frameworks will be necessary throughout the process.


AI Watch - Episode 6 - Decoding the EU AI Act


Decoding the EU AI Act

This episode explores the business impacts of the EU’s upcoming AI Act. Clara Andersen interviews Niels Christian Ellegaard, a partner at Plesner and head of the firm’s IT, Telecom, and Outsourcing Team. Together, Clara and Niels delve into the new requirements for businesses and stakeholders, with emphasis on the AI Act’s risk assessment framework and the compliance obligations required for high-risk AI systems.


AI Watch - Episode 5 - AI in the Healthcare


AI in the Healthcare sector: A case study in responsible implementation

This episode explores AI in the healthcare sector. Clara Andersen interviews Janus Laust Thomsen, research director at Aalborg University, to discuss the benefits and challenges of AI for healthcare workers, hospital administrators, and patients. Clar and Janus discuss a new AI project funded by Nordic Innovation to interpret patient records across the Nordic countries while ensuring data security. (Partners include the Research Unit for General Practice, Tampere University, Arcada University of Applied Sciences, and NorHEAD – Norwegian Centre for Headache Research.)


AI Watch - Episode 4


How to grow your business with LLMs

This episode explores the potential of large language models, or LLMs. Björn Preuß interviews Thomas Walter, Chief Practices Officer at Merkle NE, to learn how LLMs have revolutionized the world of business in ways unthinkable just nine months ago. News briefs cover calls for regulation from a prominent Montreal-based computer scientist and a voluntary code of conduct, newly proposed by the EU and U.S., to regulate generative AI.


Ai Watch - Episode 2


Toolsets for operationalisation of AI assurance

This episode explores toolsets for the operationalization of AI Assurance. Rob Wortham, director of AI at the Global Digital Foundation, explores how toolsets can equip organizations to surmount the individual and institutional challenges of AI Assurance. Rob also presents actionable steps to help organizations begin this process. News briefs touch on the societal anxiety surrounding ChatGPT—and how engagement with a regulatory sandbox could help relieve these worries.


Ai Watch - Episode 2


AI ethics – From principle to practice

This episode explores the impact of AI Governance frameworks on the success of Responsible AI initiatives. Liam Sapsford describes how insufficiently integrated Governance frameworks can heighten risk and gives advice on how to turn ethical goals into effective policies. Additionally, Liam outlines why organizations should prepare for upcoming AI legislation. News briefs touch on the business impacts of AI and how AI adoption rates have skyrocketed in recent years.



Navigating the future of AI: Insights on governance and how to build trust

This episode explores the dynamic and ever-changing field of AI governance. Avishay Gaziel, a AI Risk Expert, shares insights on how AI governance can assist organizations in establishing confidence in their AI systems and decision-making procedures. Additionally, he comments on the difficulties involved in putting AI governance into practice. The news briefs touch on the ethical aspects of AI systems, including generative AI models such as ChatGPT and the impact of AI on human productivity.


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