Every Job will be AI-Enhanced

For a couple of years, the public debate about Artificial Intelligence’s impact on job creation has mainly focused on two opposing views: AI kills jobs or AI is a net creator of jobs.

AI Across Industries #4

In this final post, we will round off the series of blog posts on AI across industries, giving you insights into how implementing AI can increase business value.

AI Across Industries #3

In order to achieve your business objective and to remain competitive, you need to take AI into production and at scale. Real business value is achieved only once an organization has its models in production, delivering insights and automation to every corner of the...

AI Across Industries #2

AI can bring value across various industries, but it is only when you put AI into production, that it will add clear and measurable value. Are you looking for inspiration on how your organization can get started on the AI journey?

AI Across Industries #1

Earlier this year McKinsey wrote “Two years ago people were asking, What is AI? A year ago, people wanted to learn how to trial minimum viable AI-fueled products. This year, the question is focused on how to get more value from AI”. So where to start if you want to achieve clear and measurable value with AI?

Er Kunstig Intelligens Luftig Snak eller en Gamechanger?

Teknologierne bag det hypede begreb gemmer uden tvivl på et betydeligt potentiale, men glem den dystopiske vision om, at vi i nær fremtid skal sige farvel til alle medarbejdere. Kunstig intelligens er automatisering på steroider, men ikke et nyt mirakel.