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An actionable framework
for Data Ethics

Ensuring cross-organizational collaboration on data ethics policies


It is crucial to have a policy for data ethics in place to ensure ethical and responsible data handling processes. 2021.AI has made complying with the data ethics regulation easy with our Data Ethics Compliance Tool.

The AI Governance Handbook

Your guide to achieving regulatory excellence


Big or small, no organization is immune to the risks and repercussions from poorly governed AI. If you’ve jumped in on the AI bandwagon, you must know that success comes to those that prioritize AI Governance.

The GRACE AI Platform for Universities

Collaboration, Workflow & Governance for AI


GRACE is an AI platform that allows everything from model development to model deployment, while governing the entire process. The GRACE AI platform will empower cooperation between research institutions by ensuring governance in data sharing and joint development.

The GRACE AI Platform brochure

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance for AI


Having a platform in place will benefit multiple business functions and help you speed up your AI implementation significantly. This brochure explains exactly what the GRACE AI Platform has to offer and how it serves to orchestrate AI initiatives across the whole organization.

Governance, Risk & Compliance for AI

New technologies come with new and unknown risks


Download the guide to get insights on how to effectively manage GRC for AI to accelerate and scale your AI implementation.

Regulatory Excellence for Data and AI Credit Models

Supporting the SR 11-7 in the GRACE AI Platform


For banks and other financial service institutions using machine learning the Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) documentation, validation, and certification burdens continue to grow, supporting more policies, regulations, and guidelines for data & AI.

2021.AI’s Responsible AI Principles

The guiding principles to any AI project at 2021.AI


AI is a powerful technology that can help people and businesses when developed and implemented responsibly. Our development team follows the 2021.AI Responsible AI Principles internally and encourage clients using our AI platform to follow these as well.

Get started with Responsible AI

A quick start guide to help you get going on the right foot


As you begin your AI journey, it is important to start with a responsible and ethical approach to any AI system. While this may sound overwhelming for most, we’ve prepared this quick start guide to get you started on the right track.

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