2021.AI announces collaboration with Microsoft to help organizations ensure responsible use of AI and large language models


2021.AI today announced a collaboration with Microsoft to further help organizations ensure a responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs) in accordance with regulation, security, and ethics.

The adoption of AI and LLMs involves a shared responsibility model between the AI provider and the organization using AI, as opposed to classic outsourcing of a process, service or activity the outsourcing company would otherwise perform itself, where the outsourcing organization sets requirements for the supplier for its execution of the outsourcing. In a shared responsibility model, this largely means that the AI provider holds the responsibility for the AI platform, but the adopting organization itself is responsible for the use of AI, and therefore must also be able to document this in accordance with both existing and new regulations such as the EU’s AI Act.

Despite the enormous potential for the use of AI and LLMs, many organizations are thus hesitant to adopt these new technologies, and understandably, especially in financial services and the healthcare sector, which are already heavily regulated.

In this context, 2021.AI has collaborated with Microsoft to make 2021.AI’s GRACE AI Governance platform available as a cloud service in Microsoft Azure to help financial companies create transparency about how data is used by these models, as well as to be able to document and report on this. Organizations face a complex task, for which they require technology and platform support to ensure digital traceability. The GRACE AI Governance platform meets these needs, including scanning and filtering of sensitive information before it is sent to the model, monitoring and documentation of all activity, and reporting to internal and external stakeholders.

Mikael Munck, Founder & CEO of 2021.AI, says: “We have seen a huge demand for Governance, Risk & Compliance solutions for AI and LLMs, both locally and internationally. In order to meet this demand, the collaboration with Microsoft is crucial as we are able to use the global scalability of Microsoft’s cloud services, and get more direct access to Microsoft’s innovation that is clearly a leader in AI.”

Jacob Engsig, COO in Microsoft Denmark, says: “The Danish financial sector has traditionally been a digital frontrunner globally, and AI will be the next major advancement in securing and expanding this position. Therefore, it is important that our financial services organizations are able to get help quickly in ensuring their responsible use of AI and LLMs. Here we see strong synergies between the security and compliance already integrated into Microsoft’s products and services and 2021.AI’s GRACE platform, which provide a framework and consolidated picture of a company’s use of AI.”

For more information:

Mikael Munck,
Founder and CEO at 2021.AI,
Email: mmu@2021.ai

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